Poetry – In the land of tips

In the land of tips

In the land of tips

Everything has a price;

Nothing is free,

Everyone wants their slice.

Orchestrated to extract

In some overt pact

Using pantomime from the dawn of time

Where reality is the greatest crime.

It’s a plastic pastiche

Of what once was.

Glimpse the culture

Through the gloss.

As each act unfurls,

The set uncurls

And cast repels.

It’s all so very nice

While the audience is prepared

To pay the price.

But if they deign to pass?

Opher 20.3.2019

Long ago I can imagine the market square was quite a sight. The performers were there to impress and gain reward from the local populace. They performed the things which the locals enjoyed or were amazed by.

Now it is a plastic replica of those by-gone days. A repugnant and extremely pushy bunch, perform a pantomime for the tourists. Nothing is real.

Everything is OK if you have the means to pay, but should you turn away, the mood rapidly changes.

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