Americans are not taught about the genocide of the indigenous people.

Nor are they taught about how the government ripped babies away from their parents to brainwash them in orphanages. Nor are they taught about the illegal torturing of people in Guantanamo. They are not taught the truth about slavery or the racist policies of segregation.

There’s a lot that isn’t taught.

14 thoughts on “Americans are not taught about the genocide of the indigenous people.

      1. I just put the joke out on my blog Bumba! Just for you!!
        No, I don’t know why a dog turns round three times before it lays down.

      2. My 2nd grade teacher condemned the genocide of the Indian people. Funny that a foreigner pretends he know anything about what Americans teach Americans.

      3. My second grade teacher had us count Ten little Indians. Different times back then. People have learned a bit, and schools try to stay current. I shudder to think what the history syllabus looks like today. My second grade teacher was bad enough!

      4. I think the genocide and subsequent treatment of the Native Americans has largely been scrubbed out of the history books.

      5. Referred to my 1st grade teacher as Ms. Hitler. She sent me to the principle for that indiscretion. Learned in public schools. In a small city of about 120k population, perhaps 5 Jewish families. The closest shul – about 400 miles distant. Still at 8 had a nightmare of burning up alive in a huge oven filled with flames…it scared me so bad that my brown hair turned white.

        Hence Ms. Achison, she sported a black facial hair on her upper lip, when she assumed the role of a dictator in the class room, it did not seem like a far stretch to compare her to Adolf.

        All my 1st grade Goyim peers did not make the connection between her and the Nazis. This made the comparison absolutely delicious for me! I could criticize her in front of the entire class, and only she and myself appreciated the comparison of her behavior to that of an insane maniac mass murderer.

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