Poetry – Ripples


The ripples we create

Streaming through the psychic breeze,

Caressing minds,

Like the wind through the trees,

Nudging pathways,

Changing how we think.

Like fish swimming in a mental sea

Drinking in,

Feeling the warmth of emotions;

Sharing visions.

Living in a mental soup

Of thoughts and dreams,

Bathing us in feelings.


So we may all grow.

Actions sending forth

Streams of power,

Streams of warmth,

Streams of love,

Or streams of hate.

Ripples rising

In the cosmic consciousness,




Changing moods,

Changing the future.

Eddies in time,

Ripples circling in rings.

Each eternal;

Each expanding,





Building into psychic waves,

Sipping at the shores of others,

Seeping into minds.

We all create the psychic flux;

The media in which we exist –

The zeitgeist.

We all contribute.

It is incumbent on us

To make it positive.

Ripples, eddies, waves and currents,

Cosmic forces, psychic reverberations

In eternal conflict.

Good and bad,

Ying and yang,

In eternal conflict.

The deeds we do,

For better, for worse,

Change the world,

Act by act,

Ripple by ripple,

Dream by dream,

Karma by karma.


The good we do,

Can become greater,

And build into psychic tsunamis.

For if we come together,


We can create such a positive force

It could swamp the world

For good.

Opher 9.1.2019

I believe there is a universal mood, a zeitgeist that is a result of the mental emanations of us all.

I believe that science will one day prove this interconnection. There is a psychology at work. We communicate.

At any one point in time there is a balance between that who emanate the hate, and those who emanate the love; those who are for compassion and those for greed.

It is the eternal battle.

We can contribute; we can alter it and our deeds and thoughts are the ripples that radiate out to touch the shores of others.

We all make the world the way it is.

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