Vaccination – The Truth

Vaccination – The Truth

An Antigen – is a protein in the capsule of a virus.

An Antibody – is a chemical produced by the body in response to the presence of an antigen. Antibodies fight the disease.

Illness – when a virus invades the body it takes a while for the body to analyse the specific antigen and produce antibodies against it. During this period you become ill. If the response is too slow or ineffective you could become extremely ill or die.

Immunity – your body will not have antibodies against a new antigen. You have to be in contact with an antigen to produce antibodies.

Live Strain Vaccines – Edward Jenner discovered that the antigens on Cowpox were very similar to those on Smallpox. They both induced the same antibodies. Smallpox was a killer, Cowpox wasn’t. By injecting people with Cowpox, which caused a mild illness, it produced natural antibodies that were effective against Smallpox. This led to the complete eradication of Smallpox.

Dead Strain Vaccines – It was later discovered that you could kill viruses with radiation or chemicals and inject the protein antigens into the bloodstream. This created natural antibodies which protected against infection. This has successfully controlled TB, Dipheria, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Cholera, Chickenpox, Rubella – and a host of other diseases – which previously killed or disabled many millions of people.

mRNA Vaccines – The latest scientific advance (as a result of our knowledge of DNA) has resulted in these new vaccines which are going to revolutionise our ability to fight diseases.

mRNA is a messenger molecule that is produced in the body from sections of DNA code. It carries the code for a protein.

By introducing mRNA molecules coding for the antigens of a virus we get the body to manufacture the antigens of the virus which then creates a natural immune response so that the antibodies are present in the blood.

mRNA molecules are short lived. They do not affect our DNA. They have no long-term effects. The antibody response is our natural immune system.

Side Effects – all treatments have side effects. If you get a virus infection it will cause changes to your body chemistry. In the case of Covid (apart from damage to heart, lungs and other organs)this will include the major risk of blood clotting. By inducing an immune response it could trigger milder symptoms of the disease – ie. With Covid it could, in a small number of people, cause some clotting.

The Risks

Short-term – the risks of clotting as a result of a vaccine are miniscule compared to the risk of clotting from getting the disease. The risk of a cerebral blood clot from vaccination is 4 per million (the risk from catching Covid is 39 per million).

Long-term – because mRNA molecules are short-lived there should be no long-term effects.

Vaccination has saved tens of millions of lives. It is safe and effective.

People do not have natural immunity against a new virus. Some react less severely than others – so some are asymptomatic – others die. There is no way of telling how an individual will react – though age, immune problems, respiratory problems and obesity are factors.

Long Covid – millions of people of all ages are suffering Long Covid due to organ damage. This can take the form of extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, inability to walk or carry out tasks, heart problems and mental fog.

The internet is spreading scare-stories and misinformation about vaccinations. An immune response is a natural response. The benefits are great. The risks are miniscule.

Don’t be conned by anti-science propaganda. Science is far better than superstition.

(BTW – T-cells and B-cells are other parts of the immune response).

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