Poetry – Democracy – a poem.

Democracy – a poem.

Democracy –

Putting the future in the hands of the uninformed.


Making no distinction between intelligence and insanity.

Democracy –

Waged with emotion and ideology but little sense.

Democracy –

Based on lies, fake news and disinformation.

Democracy –

Needs redefining and rethinking.

Democracy –

Is there nothing better?

Opher 20.11.2018

The Brexit referendum has clearly demonstrated that democracy is severely flawed.

Putting important, country-shattering decisions in the hands of the electorate is folly. Complex decisions require cool intelligence and information. They can only be made by fully-informed experts. To allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to make such decisions is madness.

The fully ramifications of Brexit are still not clear after two years of endless debate. The complexities and economic uncertainties are enormous. The costs of extrication are immense. The future is uncertain.

How can we ordinary people weigh up such convoluted intricacies?

The truth is that we can’t. Even the experts are foundering.

Democracy needs a big rethink.

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