Brexit – Don’t Panic! – There’s plenty to eat!! The army will sort it!!

As the food rots in the fields, the supermarket shelves are empty, prices soar, goods can’t be bought, we drown in red tape and we are being ruled by a clown backed by a bunch of sleazy tossers who make Ghenghis Khan seem like a pussycat, at least we’re not under the thumb of the EU!!

3 thoughts on “Brexit – Don’t Panic! – There’s plenty to eat!! The army will sort it!!

    1. The main reason is that the HGV drivers from the continent have been driven out!! Brexit and covid! They wanted cheap labour from the continent instead of more expensive homegrown. Now they’ve lost it and they are in the shit.

      1. No, I think that if IR35 hadn’t come into the equation, many of the lorry drivers from Poland (for example) would have stayed. Some would have left anyway, but not nearly as many as actually have left. When politicians treat people in an industry like shit, those in that industry who are able to move will do so. It’s not just the drivers, either; there are also many thousands of people working in the agencies who match drivers to loads. Most of them will lose their jobs, and some will end up bankrupt. All down to a bunch of bully-boys, that just like to take as much of people’s earnings as they possibly can, and spend it on useless things like HS2 or royal yachts, or positively destructive things like COP conferences.

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