Poetry – I Have No Quarrel

I Have No Quarrel

I have no quarrel with you

As I take aim.

I mean you no harm.

Yet I would shoot you dead.

We could meet as friends

And share a pint,

Laugh together;

Our lives not so different.

We sat around similar hearths

With our wives

Families and children,

Dogs at our feet.

Now, cold and wet,

Squatting in slimy mud,

Numbed in mind

I would seek your blood.

We have more in common

Than those who sent us here.

We are faced the wrong way.

As I hold my breath and pull.

Opher 9.11.2018

All too often we find ourselves at war with people for whom we hold no enmity; people who, like us, merely wish for a peaceful life with their family and friends.

If the everyday people of different countries were to meet they would find so much in common. They could find plenty to laugh about.

Yet politics and religion pit them against each other as leaders clash and pawns are deployed.

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