The Nasty part of human nature!

There is a nasty part of our psychological make-up.

History is littered with torture chambers, vile weapons of torture and gleeful crowds at public hangings, public torturings, burnings, drownings and cruel acts.

History is littered with the most horrendous torture and cruelty towards animals – baiting, fighting and skinning alive.

History is littered with ruthless people seizing power and wealth regardless of the impact on others and delighting in causing misery.

Most animals are better than this.

How do we overcome this?

2 thoughts on “The Nasty part of human nature!

    1. I think the answer is good caring support and education. Human minds are easily damaged – a trauma, violence, fear. Too many people brought up in ugly conditions, too much violence. Wars, rapes, bereavements, break-ups, violence – it damages people more than we acknowledge.

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