Poetry – Reality


Scenes you may find upsetting!

That’s life!

Torture in the wilderness!

Heated knife!

Butchery and rape!

Lies rife!!

Living here in comfort.

No strife.

Opher – 28.10.2018

Here we are in the West sitting in the comfort of our homes, with full bellies, the central heating on and the TV offering a glimpse into the unpleasant side of life on the other side of the globe.

People are being murdered and raped.

Animals are being cruelly butchered.

Wars are raging.

Torturers are plying their trade.

People are starving.

Babies are dying.

Animals are screaming in agony.

These are the scenes we might find upsetting.

If we’re that upset we should perhaps do something about it.

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