Poetry – The Beginning of Life

The Beginning of Life

Shrouded in mystery

Back through the mists of time

Life began one morning

At about ten to nine.

A swirling mass of chemicals

Within a deadly stew

Gave rise to a little beastie

Who went by the name of Hugh.

Hugh split many times

As Earth it did revolve

Giving rise to Pete and Lil

As life it did evolve.

We all give thanks to little Hugh

For what he gave to us

A range of little types of Hugh

And a seat upon this bus!

Opher 16.9.2018

The bus is this wonderful journey on this planet! Life is such a great thing. We’re here. We experience it. It is majestic. All thanks to one chance event back on the surface of this planet while it was in its infancy. Then there’s the wonders of evolution that has created such a fantastic range of life.

Aren’t we lucky?

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