Poetry – All Answers Are Contained Within

All Answers Are Contained Within

Mosques, Cathedrals, Temples and Idols,

Rituals, Prayers, Sacrifices and Adornment.

Holy Books, Psalms, Offerings and Pageant.

Indoctrination, Incantation, Lessons and Ceremony.

All falling well short of the mystery;

Not coming close to capturing the essence;

Not explaining the unexplainable;

Not shedding any light on reality;

But arrogantly asserting that all answers

Are contained within.

Opher 1.8.2018

Every religion claims to have the answer. Seemingly it is only contained within their holy books and rituals. All other religions have got it wrong.

My God is better than your God.

Yet the mysteries go on untouched by the words in the holy books. There are no answers to be found – but lots of questions.

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