Poetry – Solidity


Repelled by atomic energy

With the illusion of reality

Solidity as a fiction.

There’s a force-field

That stops us sinking

Through the ground –

Melting through the universe.

Huge spaces between

The tightest packed nuclei

Like space between the stars.

As hand hits table

No matter really touches

Just a force-field.

We are held together

By wonder.

Opher 30.7.2018

I’m always fascinated by the macrocosm and microcosm and here we are stuck in the middle unable to really see either.

In relative terms there is as much space between the atoms in a solid object as there is space between stars. It seems to me that even with the zillions of atoms in a solid object we should be able to bring two objects together and slide the atoms past each other without a single collision of nuclei. What prevents us is the force-field between them.

Solidity is an illusion.

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