Today’s Music to Keep me SsssSaaAAanNNnnnEeeeE in Isolation – Beatles – Let It Be

I never get sick of the Beatles!!

The Beatles Let It Be Full Album – YouTube

Let It Be (Remastered 2009) – YouTube

40 thoughts on “Today’s Music to Keep me SsssSaaAAanNNnnnEeeeE in Isolation – Beatles – Let It Be

      1. I came to Beatlemania late…like John Lennon had already died, but I went through it as bad as anyone ever. My uncle, a die hard Beatles fan, was so surprised I was able to go toe-to-toe with him that he had formally willed ME all of his Beatles t-shirts. I was worse than any Beatles fan at the time…. my mom used to always tell me that I was just a reincarnated teenager from the 60’s LOL

      2. Lol Marla. I was so lucky. I was fourteen when they started. I bought every single and album on day of release!! I remember the excitrement and expectation – wondering where they’d go next. Never disappointed!

      3. The legalities are somewhat murky on this subject, so meet me in the woods. The government never knows what happens in the woods. And just know. I *will* be bringing my white glove, sir!

      4. Lol – I’ve reconsidered!! Being a coward and lacking a white glove I will let you have the first Beatles single and pretend to be doing that out of gallantry!

      5. Thank you. And you have many purposes. You just haven’t sat in silence long enough to see yourself through the eyes of another which will allow you to see clearly through your own.

        And that is the extent of my wisdom for the year as i don’t get to eat fortune cookies nearly often enough LOL

      6. No. Just many of them over a lifetime adds up to a lot of short wisdom that when applied together can make two whole sentences, in bed

      7. Better in spirit than actuality because I don’t know if that’s the right train! I didn’t realize it before but It’s the Johnson-Trump train, and I don’t think you should get on. It never goes to where it needs to and it’s always takes you down some convoluted route to hell.

      8. Bloody Hell Marla!! I’m having trouble getting my spirit back now!! That Trump Johnson coalition have stolen my credit card details, wrapped me up in small print and signed me up to a zero-hours contract! I’m stuck on the train!!

      9. No you’re not! I heard Giuliani, Coulter, and Cosby will be stopping by later to tell them what to do. Giuliani will tell them to release you because it take effort away from the campaign to prove voter fraud-they only want crazy Trumpers on the train so it looks better on yet another TV appearance. Coulter, who will think she’s there supporting the best interests of the Conservatives will realize the spotlight will not be on her and pout. Crosby will follow her around trying to get her to take an aspirin for her headache (premixed into a drink for easy consumption) she will get pissed and get off the train. Follow her as none of the others will be focused on you, there’s too much big scale disgraces they could be involved in. They get on in about 20 minutes. She’ll get irritated and self-aggrandizing about 5 mins later. Crosby will be hounding her within 5 mins of that, so you have only 30 more minutes and the you’re free. But you also know what they’re planning cuz you heard it first hand. Bring the info with you!

      10. Gosh – now I’m a spy with a mission to bring down the evil empire. I like that!! Don’t worry! It is all in hand!!

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