Poetry – The Land of the Free

The Land of the Free

In the land of the free one is forced to agree

You choose your side – split nationwide

One side for love – one side for hate

One side for help – one side for wait!

With or against – no compromise!

Rabbles and mobs – victims and spies!

Somewhere between the venomous words

A small voice has slipped between the vowels.

Children have become the bargaining chips

In a global game of roulette.

The same old winners spin the wheel

And claw in the rewards.

The same old robber barons

Have shed their armour and put on disguise.

They run the show without need of a sword

Just a media full of lies.

Opher 16.6.2018

The world has become divided as we lurch towards another wave of fascism. A new batch of populist leaders have been drumming up division, ratcheting up hatred and preying on the fears of many. The mass migrations have enabled them to harness the fruits of Islamophobia.

Behind this charade the same old establishment reaps the rewards and gain power and wealth. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

Instead of dealing with the roots of the problem they are happy to gain from the symptoms.

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