Poetry – There is no time

There is no time

Amid the anguish and the blame,

Amid the anger and the shame,

Between the laughter and the fun,

Between the torture and the pun,

There is no time.

The time when antelopes ran free,

The time when gorillas had trees,

The time when elephants had room,

The time when whales were not doomed,

Has past and gone.

What is gone cannot come back,

What is past is history,

When time runs out,

There is no room,

When room runs out there is no space,

For even mystery.

Opher 13.4.2018

Not very long ago nature was dominant. Humans were few and their impact was less. Humans roamed the world in wooden ships. It was dangerous and took months and years. They explored jungles on expeditions requiring hordes of porters and discovered the heart of darkness.

Life teemed over the planet in its myriad of forms.

Yes we’d already had an impact. It seems the first sign of humans moving into an area was the eradication of the megafauna. They were hunted to extinction in no time at all. We will never set eyes on a giant sloth, giant kangaroo, mastodon or mammoth. They and the rest of their giant cousins were hunted to death.

For the rest it is taking a little longer.

Now we have planes and roads. What once took months and years now takes hours. In such a short time the impact is massive. Time is running out. We are working our way through the tiny, medium and rare. There is no time left for many of them and the rest wait their turn.

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