The Cult Of Johnson – The Children of The Damned Rich.

Not so long ago (before they were forced to give us the vote) the wealthy plundered the world and set up a vast empire. All the wealth was taken back into the families of a small number of elite. This wealthy elite lived in luxury in mansions while the vast majority of us lived in poverty in slums and were exploited – working long hours in mines, mills and factories.

Then we demanded the vote and fairness.

We gained a little more fairness but still the same wealthy elite cream off as much as they can get their hands on. They’d have us back in the workhouses if they could.

Johnson and the Tories come from that wealthy elite and represent it. Somehow they are convincing poor people that they represent their interests.

What a con!!

Beware the eyes that paralyze and the words that promise but only tell lies!

4 thoughts on “The Cult Of Johnson – The Children of The Damned Rich.

  1. Oddly, Johnson was a King’s Scholar at Eton. He was considered good enough academically that he would probably have been educated there, even if his family hadn’t been rich. There have been some really good people who have had these scholarships, like George Orwell. Johnson has failed to live up to his promise.

    Admission and disclaimer: I myself had a somewhat similar scholarship, which took me to Marlborough College. (But my family was far from rich!) Nevertheless, having been in effect co-opted into the new ruling class, I in the end chose to reject them. I like to put what happened as: “They tried to create another Freeman Dyson. But what they got was another John Locke.”

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