Poetry – Election Blues

Election Blues

Brexit and Trump are setting the scene

As crisis grips the world.

The fascists and right are on the march

As the liberal dream is felled.

There is a divide between young and old;

A divide between rich and poor;

A divide between leave and remain;

Between changers and hard-core.

The country is split as hatred rules.

No consensus is in sight

As arguments violently rage

Giving no glimmer of light.

Friend takes on friend with vile and bitter words,

Personal attacks and passionate abuse from computer nerds.

No idea how to heal the wounds that gape

To reconcile conflicting views and beat them into shape.

There is a divide between young and old

A divide between rich and poor

A divide between leave and remain

Between changers and hard-core

It is bridges that end divides – not walls

Talking is better than fighting –

Heed the calls!!!

Opher – 9.6.2017

There are always power-mad people who look to exploit everyone. They will lie and cheat to gain power and line their own pockets. They lead us up the garden path.

Fascism is an evil.

The scapegoating of those in need and the endorsement of division and hatred is deplorable.

I look towards a future which is outward looking and based on justice and freedom. I don’t want to be locked up behind walls. I want to be out there enjoying the differences.

Let’s break down the barriers and chose to live!

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