My Alien Design for ‘The Pornography Wars’

My Alien Design for ‘The Pornography Wars’

It is incredibly hard to create an alien that isn’t completely daft or merely a humanoid adaptation of human being.

This is where my biological knowledge comes in handy. I knew all the basic faults with a human body and set about correcting them:

  1. A brain housed in a vulnerable head, stuck out on a very fragile neck that is easily broken. I moved the brain inside the body where it was better protected and there was no neck to break.
  2. A single windpipe that was in with the digestive tract and easily blocked so humans can be choked or strangled. I created a number of respiratory tubes and separated them from the digestive tract.
  3. A single heart supply brain and body. I created two.
  4. A heavy bony skeleton prone to fractures. My aliens had springy cartilaginous skeletons, strong but flexible.
  5. An excretory system that opened in the reproductive system creating risk of contamination. I separated them.
  6. A limited number of senses. I based my aliens on the number seven and equipped them with seven optics on stalks so that they could see all around them at the same time. Likewise with ears.
  7. A superior blood pigment to carry oxygen based around copper molecules that made them blue.
  8. Because of their need to be extremely sexual I made them hermaphrodite (both male and female) and gave them seven penises and vaginas, a complex cloaca with many folds, membranes and palps and a very intense sexual congress.

That was the basis of my aliens.

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