Martin Rowson sums it up! Cartoon

Where are the policies?

Where is the protest?

128,000 dead, lies and sleaze, cronyism and incompetence, wasted billions – and nobody cares.

A lazy, inept clown from an overprivileged background is thought to be competent.

‘Oh I love Boris.’

This is democracy??

Thanks John Peachey.

2 thoughts on “Martin Rowson sums it up! Cartoon

  1. A very strange experience today – I really felt I’d suddenly turned up in a place where I didn’t know the people, or their customs. Where is this place – I really don’t recognise it any more? Nothing makes sense.
    KS as politicians go is ok, but to find something worthwhile in the BJ group stumps me. Better to abstain, surely.

    1. There is only really a choice of two in this terrible system. It is the lesser of two evils and for me KS is far the lesser. I have never seen such an extreme bunch of incompetent, arrogant twats as Johnson and his crew.

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