Poetry – A Green Clock

A Green Clock

A green clock winding down

From a roar to a murmur,

A shout to a whisper,

A green globe to a barren rock.

The last party on deck –

Laughter as the waves lap around

Morsels are swallowed,

And the last leaves fall.

One last winter with no spring

As seas stagnate

Air clogs with smoke

And land settles to brown.

Still we pretend everything is fine.

Concrete and plastic

Replace green leaf and fur,






A billion years is undone.

Opher 1.11.2016

A Green Clock

In two hundred years the planet has changed dramatically. In my lifetime I have witnessed the changes.

The herds and flocks, the forests and shoals, are withering before a relentless onslaught. All the numbers are diminishing.

Stuck inside their rooms on their games, interacting through cyberspace, nobody notices or cares.

A billion years of wondrous chance creating splendour and breath-taking beauty is being dismantled in front of our eyes.

8 Billion people consume what took a billion years to create.

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