Sci-Fi Novel – The Pornography Wars

The Pornography Wars

I have now completed the first draft of my latest Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars.

This novel started as an idea I had fifty years ago. I wrote a Sci-fi novel called Pornographic Syndromes. It was based on the notion that the Earth was being used as an Alien film set to record a pornographic soap opera. We, and all our history, were directed by aliens for mass consumption.

A year ago I read that novel and decided that it was not very good – not surprising really – it was one of my very earliest attempts. I had the idea of rewriting it.

What followed was not exactly a rewrite. It turned into a completely different book with a different story and a different ending. As often happens (no matter how much you do a detailed plot) the characters came to life and began to rewrite events.

I now have something completely different to that intended.

The first draft is 50,000 words. I am aware of certain shortfalls in the plot, characterisation and details. It is raw. I shall allow it to sit for a while in order to gain objectivity (not too long though or I would not remember it all) and then I shall carry out the first rewrite. By the time I complete that I would hope to be up to around 70,000 words.

After that I shall reread and start the process of editing.

By the time it is finished I will have given it a few edits.

If anybody would like to act as an early reader (to help me with the rewrite) just drop me a line!

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    1. Definition – Pornography (often shortened to porn) is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.[1]
      I’, not sure how this has anything to do with European history. Applies universally as far as I can see. Different cultures might view pornography differently of course – positively or negatively.

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