New Developments at WordPress a Pain In The Arse!!!

Why is it that supposed improvements always end up creating more problems? Instead of improving my experience the new improvements have made things slower, more time-consuming and far worse.

It seems to me that there are a bunch of nerdy young kids who just mess about with things to make everything more complicated just to justify their own existence.

Take the latest two stupid ‘improvements’.

Firstly, the move to using blocks in posting. I used to be able to type or paste in easily, sort out photos and tags, drawing down a list and selecting the most common and appropriate. It was easy. Now I have to faff about. I have to type in every tag. I have to press lots more buttons. It has made the process of creating a post more difficult and slower.


Secondly, they have now moved to this new system of handling spam and trash. I used to be able to scan through spam and trash easily to see if anything has slipped through. I can no longer do that easily. I used to be able to empty spam and trash with the press of a button. I now can only delete 20 at a time. This morning I found I had 546 spam messages and 176 in trash. I laboriously had to go through emptying them 20 at a time. Each time involved 4 different clicks and a wait. That is a good deal of time spent on a stupid operation.



It’s not just with WordPress either. These similar nerds keep changing every other system to make them more complicated and more difficult to operate!!

Who employs these idiots????

4 thoughts on “New Developments at WordPress a Pain In The Arse!!!

  1. I sympathize, Opher. I was about three-quarters of the way through posting quite a detailed comment – lambasting Microsoft as well as WordPress. But I inadvertently clicked too close to the top right of my screen, and… I lost the lot. Without “Do you want to save your changes?” or anything else.

    And you’re quite right. Software distributed to the public is getting worse. Has been doing since the mid 2000s. Windows 10, for example, is orders of magnitude less stable than even Windows Vista! And I’m a genuine expert in this area; I’ve spent many years testing software professionally.

    So, to your question: “Who employs these idiots?” I answer: The enemies of real progress. Big company bosses, and the political classes they are beholden to.

    1. But Neil – why is every ‘advance’ a worse case than before? It is, as you say, software everywhere. Nothing gets easier or better. It just becomes more complicated and harder, more time-consuming. It maddens me!!

  2. So much for progress. You get no pity from me. I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles, our wonderful DMV, today. I’d post about it, but it’s too difficult with the new wordpress improvements.

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