Poetry – I sense love

I sense love

Let me look at you

And feast my eyes.

Let your voice

Warm my heart,

Smell your scent

On every breeze,

Feel you

In my dreams,

And taste

The love between us.

Opher 26.4.2016

I sense love

It may only be endorphins playing havoc with the brain but love overpowers all the senses, heightens and elevates everything.

Never is the world so full of colour, the flowers so full of scent, the bed so soft or the mood so raised.

Love does this.

If we could only live each day in love there would be no war or hate. It melts everything negative into its warmth.

It fills the dreams with sweetness. It encompasses the whole world and wraps it in a hug.

Love is the antidote.

May it last forever.

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