The Corona Diaries – Day 349

The sun was shining this morning but it soon clouded over. I walked up my hill for my 349th consecutive five mile+ walk. Fed my adopted horse and did a lot of planning.

Back home I’ve been editing my Harper book again and planning some more on my new Sci-fi novel while playing some early Fleetwood Mac. Pete Green was a genius. So sad!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the madness continues. I was thinking about the huge contrick and the gullible sheep.

Tories storm to 7 points up in the polls. How is that possible?? Our twerp of a clown with a haystack on his head is now considered to be doing well.

Am I on a different planet???

Are people really that gullible that just because the vaccination (run by the NHS) is going well that these clowns are doing a good job?????

I have to stop thinking about it. It makes me lose faith in my fellow Britons and democracy. How can anybody think these cretins are competent to run a country???

The Track and Trace system (that is an utter joke) has cost us £35 billion. 2300 managers on an incredible £163,000 (compare tht to a nurse on £21,000).

Just think, if at the beginning of all this they had pumped £35 Billion into the NHS and get them to run Track and Trace. They could have used their existing structure, employed more staff, had competent managers, given everybody big pay increases and created a system that works!!

Oh – I forgot – The NHS are a bunch of public servant oiks. They aren’t Tory donors!!

Why do they try to reinvent the who business from scratch when they have a perfectly good system??

Oh – I forgot – The NHS are a bunch of public servant oiks. They aren’t Tory donors!!

For every one of those hugely overpaid managers there is a whole team, facilities and premises. You can see where the money goes.

Our money!!!

Who is going to pick up the bill???

Yes – you guessed it. We’re all in it together – it’ll be the poor and public servants – in other words our heroic key workers!!!

The one thing that cheers me up about the Brazilian variant is that Johnson may get it again and be at death’s door again. I do so hope that the nurses take due note of the off-hand way he’s treated them!!!

So as the death rate comes tumbling due to the vaccines and the hospital cases become fewer and fewer we are heading for emergence from lockdown. A grateful nation will obvious thank the victorious government!!! YEEEUUUUUKKKKKKK!!!! I think I’d rather be locked down for a few more years!!!!

Stay Safe.

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 349

  1. “Tories storm to 7 points up in the polls. How is that possible??”

    Because an awful lot of people are so sick of Labour, that however badly this lot do, they feel the other lot would be worse. I’ve been there – I was there more than 20 years ago. Since then, though, I’ve realized that they are all as bad as each other, except for the ones that are worse.

    As to why they are hitting public sector workers, it’s because Rishi and co, if they are to keep their scams going, need to find lots more money from somewhere. But they can’t take money from people who haven’t got it. (Not easily, anyway). Small businesses don’t have any money, ordinary people don’t have any money. Only the big corporations have any money left – which is why the big rise in corporation tax. The only other thing they can do is cut some of their outgoings by paying less to the workers. And that’s what they have done.

    Mind you, I find it rather ironic; not so long ago, it was the NHS that was full of useless “managers” that didn’t do anything but politick and play games with people.

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