Poetry – Sail Sweetly

Sail Sweetly

Sail sweetly through your dreams, my love,

Encased in the warmth of my embrace –

Surrounded in a golden cocoon

Of splendid caresses;

Safe within the refuge

Of my thoughts.

For the sweetness

That we shared

Has encircled us

In radiance sublime.

Opher 13.1.2016

Sail Sweetly

Love is what makes life splendid.

Perhaps it is hormonal? – Nothing but the flooding of the brain with neurochemicals? Perhaps it is merely a biological device to ensure pair-bonding, breeding and the care and upbringing of children? Perhaps we have no choice?

But then I am a romantic. I believe in love and friendship.

I feel that the feeling of being in love makes the whole world a better place.

Love is real.

There is nothing better than love.

The trouble with love is that it changes. That first madness of all-consuming passion gives way to less turbulent waters. Many leave the tranquillity of those calmer seas in search of the stormier tides – they become serial lovers. Yet I cannot help feeling sorry for them as they rush in search of their daily jag. They are missing the depth, the continuity and security of lasting love – it means more.

The beauty of love is that it is elevating, it makes one greater. There is a melding of minds, a growth of possibility.

Love creates the drive to nurture and protect. Lovers are immersed in each other and adrift from the world. They live in their own universe, safe within each other’s arms.

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