Poetry – Love again and again

Love again and again

It has no weight.

It has no size.

It’s antigravity

Built of sighs.

You carry it around

And it buoys you up

Making each sip

A whole full cup.

You can never have enough

But need never be afraid:

The more you give away,

The more you find you’ve made.

There’s no end to the people

You can give love to.

When you give it to them

They’ll give some to you.

It’s the kryptonite to hatred,

The antidote to pain.

Luckily we can fall in love

Again and again,

And again,

And again,






Opher 12.12.2015

Love again and again

It’s true. There’s no end to love. It’s infinite. But beware – it can blow you up.

Love is like hydrogen. It makes you float and it explodes in your brain.

It’s an anaesthetic and an intoxicant.

It banishes the dark.

It makes you laugh and it makes you cry

But it gets you high.

Love. Love. Love.

All the people and animals, trees and things I’ve loved and still do.

There’s no end. I’m never full.

There’s no loss with love – it’s all gain. We can love an infinite number of times then do it all again.

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