Poetry – Long Live Love!

Long Live Love!

Well – being cynical, love is just a set of endorphins. Evolution has rewarded us with a euphoric brain chemistry for seeking out someone to pair our genes with. It is nature’s way of making us feel good. It is all in the name of procreating genes.

But then there are those that get rapturous and full of endorphins at the thought of God or Allah, to the point where they are perfectly willing to torture, kill and terrorise in his name.

As I am an antitheist who believes that religion is the cause of many of the world’s power struggles and creates too many floods of negative brain chemistry I will veer towards Love.

One life – no gods – no heavens – just a beautiful universe, endless wonder, creativity and love. It may only be brief, only chemistry, and ultimately without purpose, but I adore the endorphins! Long live love!

Long Live Love!

An endorphin rush flooding the brain,

With electrical excitement,

Transforming us to dopey eyes and tenderness.

Just nature’s way of rewarding us

For pairing up our genes,

To facilitate DNA’s togetherness.

Just chemistry


That same mad chemistry

That runs through mobs

Through the religious fanatic,

A neuronal surge

Of euphoria

Making intolerance automatic.

Yet for us who have no god

Who peer with ecstasy at the majesty

Of all that circles within and above;

No matter how brief,

How futile,

How insignificant,

I’ll settle for love.

Opher 1.10.2015

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