Trump’s Costly Legacy

Despite Trump’s sickening bragging on his last day he will be remembered not for his few accomplishments but more for the huge damage he has wrought. The division he has fostered, the empowerment of extremists and his assault on democracy.

He has given big tax cuts to the rich, sucked up to tyrants, sneered at allies and destroyed environmental restraints.

He has spread fake news, conspiracy, lies and undermined experts, science and the media because they did not agree with his flawed view of the world.

His arrogance and uncouth manners have brought America into disrepute.

It is going to take a long time for these wounds to heal.

The worst President in history bows out with the same lack of dignity he has displayed throughout his reign. The first President to snub the inauguration of his successor. The first President not to concede. The first time the successors were not given an escorted tour of the Whitehouse.

Donald Trump’s Costly Legacy | Council on Foreign Relations (

5 thoughts on “Trump’s Costly Legacy

  1. Fresh from watching Trump’s vainglorious departure speech which lacked acknowledgement, greetings or goodbye to Biden, I read that four years ago, Barack and Michelle Obama hosted Donald and Melania for tea at the White House before travelling with them to the inauguration ceremony to watch Trump sworn in as the 45th US president.

    He’s so, how can I put it…uncouth, inelegant, unrefined. He also failed to leave the traditional welcoming letter to his successor.

    1. The man is certainly uncouth, rude and extremely dangerous. How someone of his limited skills reached the Whitehouse says a lot about millions of Americans. A disgusting man, totally unworthy in every respect.

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