Poetry – Therefore I Am

Therefore I Am

I shop therefore I am

A number in the amorphous mass

That feeds upon the demographic

Dangled in front of me – so crass.

I buy therefore I exist

To nourish the economic bubble

And create wealth for the chimps

Who cause so great a trouble.

I consume therefore I live

To support the wealth of others

And enable the system to persist

That creates expendable brothers.

I hoard therefore I’m worthy

Of their encouragement

And feed their greed and mania

Without the slightest lament.

I discard therefore I thrive

In their eyes, for I replace

The baubles and the beads

Without a trace of disgrace.

I think therefore I am

Untrustworthy to those whose aim

Is to make us economic

Numbers in their profit making game.

Opher 8.8.2015

Therefore I Am

Sometimes I think the whole world is one great economic market, a tourist theme park and money-making opportunity. There are no aims to live, enjoy or communicate. It is merely exploitation of everyone and the weakest go to the wall.

The people of the Third World are consumed, the poor are consumed and the natural world is consumed.

The mantra is progress. The clarion call is MORE!!!!

We are statistics to be analysed by politicians and businessmen. We are manipulated with subtle campaigns and our views are orchestrated for us. Our individual tastes are analysed and we are presented with opportunities, delectable tit-bits and possessions tailored to our individual tastes. Our every whim is catered for.

Where are our values? Where is our individuality? Where are our choices?

I shop therefore I am.

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