Poetry – I Aim

I Aim

I aim

To speak

The truth.

I seek

The evidence

Of proof.

I want

To live

In peace.


Fear that

This may suddenly cease.

I am not content

To believe all that I am sent.

I am agnostic

About its portent

And content.

I feel manipulated –

A thought

That cannot bear

To be contemplated.

So what

Is the aim

Of those that lead?

Self Gain?

But leave

The world to bleed?

Surely not?
But Pol Pot

Hitler and Mao

Tell another story.

They hardly cover the

Human race with glory.

History reveals

The lies

We believe

To be false.

We are


With the rules

And beliefs,

Of course.

He who controls

The media

Controls the minds.

We are victims

Of the

Ruler’s crimes.

I do not know

My own mind.

It has been

Otherwise defined.

Go quietly into the market

To purchase all you can.

For the world is a supermarket basket

And a tantalising tan.

Religion is a morphia

Politics a scam;

Life the whole world over

Is based on a sham.

It’s all run for profit

Without regard to the future.

I despise all of it

As I seek a meaningful culture.

In vain.

Don’t give me the religious

Stance as real and meaningful

Indoctrinated garbage

Controlling the sinful.

I reject its human creation

As contrived and primitive

Attempts to seek power

And apply the inhibitive.

Life should be free to wonder

And delight;

Not a fear to ponder

And an everlasting fright.

Give me life –

Make me free.

All I want

Is to be me!!!

Opher 9.8.2015

I Aim

Life could be totally wonderful if it was not for the greed and selfishness that creates war, poverty, inequality and environmental degradation. I fear we will destroy it all along with ourselves out of sheer stupidity.

I suspect we are manipulated on many levels by many different groups with vested interests.

The politicians lie, promise and cajole.

The religious indoctrinate with false dogma.

The businessmen seek your gold.

In amongst all this manipulation, false facts, lies, deceit and indoctrination we are expected to believe.

I do not. I am sceptical about everything. All I know is the evidence of my eyes. It is sufficient to inform me that we are being exploited.

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