Poetry – The Establishment

The Establishment

I threw my words

Like grenades

Into the belly of the monster.

He took no notice.

I wielded sentences

Like swords

And sliced at his

Softer parts,

But he took not the slightest notice.

He ignores me.

I carefully organised

My phrases

To reach critical mass

And detonated them

In his heart.

It was as if a gnat

Had floated past his nose.

Friends told me I was fortunate.

With one lick

He could devour me.

I should desist.

I would be swallowed whole.

But I feel free to do my utmost.

I know I am inconsequential.

But life is in the gesture.

Opher 8.8.2015

The Establishment

We are fortunate as to be so extremely worthless. Our greatest efforts are not even a pinprick.

I imagine the establishment as a mighty horned dragon. It guards its treasure jealously and refuses to share a single coin.

The establishment like things just as they are. It does not like change. It has the power and ensures the money keeps rolling in. The pile grows ever bigger while the desperation outside is enormous. It cares not.

The dragon devours all who dare to oppose it. It bribes them, includes them and devours them……. Or it destroys them utterly.

No one has the power to oppose its deadly games. We are all toys.

My only weapon is my words.

I fashion extreme weapons of mass destruction full of adjectives, adverbs and nouns, but they bounce of his impervious scales.

We are defenceless against his might. We can keep our heads down or fight.

I firmly believe in the gesture. It may be futile but it is at least an attempt.

I aim my words with anger, clarity and perception. I hope that they may hit home; find a way through those scales to the putrefying guts inside. We can but hope!

The establishment is a monster that feeds itself to the detriment of everybody else.

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