20 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie – The Martyrdom of Trump

  1. The thing is we can always find a hazard in responding to people like Trump. People have urged caution in response to his crimes for years. What this ignores is the danger of doing nothing, or rather, the reality that he and his supporters will up the ante no matter what we do or don’t do in response to them. There is no appeasement for the likes of Trump. He must be defeated completely once and for all. So must his cult.

    1. Dan – I thoroughly agree with you. This type of fascism has to be continuously opposed with as much energy as we can find. It is insidious.

      1. Fascism has a hatred for minorities. Opher you as a European intimately know this. Under the President minority unemployment dropped to unprecedented records! You make loud declarations of air.

      2. Its really not about me. The subject concern the President. At the beginning of his first term in Office, the new President limited the number of Muslim refugees permitted to enter the country. Plenty of US Administrations have limited the legal immigration of foreigners unto American soil. Yet you stand on your high and mighty soap box and condemn the President for doing the exact same thing that many other Administrations have done.

      3. No Moshe – he applied a racist policy – not a blanket policy. It was targetted.
        You’d be up in arms now if he has placed a halt to all Jews entering the States.

      4. Who’s talking about anybody else?? Two wrongs never make a right. Trump is the racist I’m talking about. You’re just trying to deflect the argument. You support a fascist racist.

    2. Why the absurd attempt to impeach the President? Because the DemoRATS have opened the door to the Trump lead Opposition. If the Pelosi bitch could succeed in her vanity then an impeached Trump would be legally prevented from running for Office again in 2024. HoHoHo marry Xmas, not going to happen. The politics of the Trump Opposition, a important aspect of true politics, that the DemoRATs have received the rope they require to hang themselves in the next to years before the Trump Opposition wins back both houses of Congress.

      1. We’ll see about that won’t we Moshe. For some absurd reason you think there should not be a penalty for trying to organise a coup. What does that say about you? The Republican party is now hopelessly split and has lost all morality. Do they side with the loony extreme fascist Trumpists or go with the conservative rationals? Time will tell.
        One thing is clear – those who defend the violence and antidemocratic horror of an insurrection have no morality.

      2. Where was this outrage when Black Lives Matter burned down Democratic run cities across America? Hmmmmmmmmmmm can you say hypocrite?

      3. Firstly, that is entirely inaccurate. BLM marches were peaceful. The trouble started with the Nazi groups attacking them.
        Secondly, I do not ever remember any President being involved. Trump incited violence and was trying to instigate a coup.
        It’s unbelievable to me that you equate the two situations. Trump is a dangerous fascist.

      4. You write drivel, easily verified lies. According to the Guardian —Quote/UnQuote:

        At least 11 Americans killed while participating in polital demonstrations this year and another 14 have died in other incidents linked to political unrest, according to new data from a non-profit monitoring political unrest in the US. Nine of the 11 persons killed, the crime occurred while the victims demonstrated, taking part in Black Lives Matter protests.

      5. None of all of those events – the BLM marches because cops keep shooting black men – were incited by a President or any other politician.

      6. You like considering yourself Judge, Prosecutor, and Police. By your own words: Trump committed A crime. You failed to objectively name the specific “crime” which the President committed.

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