What the British media have to say about Trump.

Never have we seen such a Presidency. A president who sucks up to despots such as Putin and Kim Jong-Un while insulting allies; a man who condoned violence and empowered and encouraged extreme Nazi groups; a man whose level of cronyism, nepotism and corruption exceeded anything we’ve ever seen; and a man who was thoroughly inept and unsuited for office.

This is Andrew Rawnley from the Guardian:

‘Tyrants gaze with glee at what Trump has done to American democracy

Andrew Rawnsley

Andrew Rawnsley

His incitement of the violent assault on the US Capitol was the savage consummation of the four years of vandalism he has unleashed on America’s body politic.

Ever since he lost last November’s election, there have been entirely believeable reports that Donald Trump is toying with issuing a presidential pardon to himself. What he will never secure is a reprieve from history’s verdict on his wretched presidency. It will be a defining image and an enduring epitaph: the invasion and ransacking of the US Capitol by a mob he incited to prevent Congress certifying that Joe Biden had won a free and fair election. It is highly moot whether the use of the 25th amendment or a second impeachment will now bring a slightly earlier conclusion to America’s long national nightmare by removing him before the official end of his term on 20 January. However that turns out, posterity will condemn him as the president who conspired to subvert the constitution that he was solemnly sworn to preserve and protect.

Historians will also dwell on some of the other actors in play, including those Republican senators and congressmen who indulged or stoked his plot to overturn the election result by peddling claims of fraud that were themselves fraudulent and have been investigated and rejected at every level of government. None of that, nor questions about the role played by social media and why the security around Congress was so easily breached, should distract us from the fundamental point. Culpability for the violent assault on the heart of American democracy lies squarely with him, as even some who were his most ardent apologists have acknowledged.’

For the full article:

Tyrants gaze with glee at what Trump has done to American democracy | US Capitol breach | The Guardian

132 thoughts on “What the British media have to say about Trump.

    1. I agree. Trump has been empowering the far-right racist groups for four years. He has been inciting hatred, division and violence. The law must be upheld.

      1. Noise. Since when do you pretend to speak for the Senate leadership? Bunk. Enough of your empty gossip. Bring some 3rd party source which supports your revisionist non sense.

      2. No I wasn’t. I was sitting here in England watching Trump incite an insurrection as he tried to overturn a legitimate election. It was an intended coup.

      3. Here goes Opher with his broad bruch general declarations. If anybody else writes like this he screams racist. But when this “saint” does it — Jesus forgives the saved.

      4. If you are saying the democrats are equally venal, that may be the case. But I do not think they have incited violence, revolution, bigotry and so forth? Or at least not in recent years?

      5. 3 to 4 years of Russia gate lies. Obozo the clown assisted Hillery’s Russia gate lie to hide or distract from her personal e-mail treason.

      6. 4 years of lies and conspiracy, playing golf, disbanding science, killing 400,000 Americans through incompetence and empowering fascists.

      7. Golf – yes – sure beats working. You are an ignorant fool. Trump disbanded the pandemic institutions created by Obama to prepare and fight the next pandemic. He defunded science and then denied there was a pandemic – calling it a democratic hoax. He allowed it to go uncontrolled.
        USA – 400,0000 dead
        Vietnam – 35 dead
        New Zealand – 25 dead
        There’s no accounting for stupidity.

      8. An incendiary topic it seems. I have long found it pointless to continue damaging and upsetting disputes om social media, or indeed elsewhere. Much as one might disagree with the views of one’s opponent. I am sure that if you look hard enough, fault will be found in most politicians in most countries. It is in the nature if our species to compete, to try to come out on top, to defeat our enemies. Social media is simply an often disturbing microcosm of society itself. As I said to mosckerr on his own blog, we need a new paradigm for a new world. A new world where we elevate cooperation rather than competition.

      9. I think we are seeing the end of this burst of fascist populism. People are realising it was all empty bluster and incompetence. What we need is for the world to come together to solve problems – not build walls. Cooperation and global unity is the only real way forward.

      10. Anthony I have to remove about half of Mosckerr’s comments because they are too abusive and full of racism. You only see half of the stuff he puts out – and a lot of that is abusive. There is no rational debate. He does not seem capable of discussing or arguing without using abuse and vile racism.

      11. It would be more interesting to be able to have a debate about our differing views and opinions without the abuse. It’s a shame.

      12. Moshe – I throw no tantrums. I merely respond to your comments. If you put out pointless abuse and racism I delete them. A rational debate involves putting your thoughts, ideas and views in an intelligent manner without recourse to abuse or racism. As soon as you do that it removes all possibility of intelligent interaction.
        You call others subhuman and then behave as if it is you who is subhuman.

      13. Noise. You continually make vain declarations and never once have you brought a 3rd party source which supports your temper trantrums.

      14. You have repeated your self centered opinion. The Nazis define racism together with the murder of 75% of European Jewry at the hands of sub human European barbarians in the span of less than 4 years.

  1. Bunk, ya listen to toooo much propaganda. Arabs who have citizenship get vaccinations. PA and Gaza Arabs don’t. Any more that Britain has an obligation to give Americans vaccinations.

      1. Israel even vaccinates Arab prisoners in Israel. The nature of this disease, that it spreads amazingly fast. Its outside of Israeli national interests not to vaccinate all people living within the borders of the Jewish State.

      2. Israel says it will vaccinate all of its citizens before April, but many say it has a moral obligation to Palestinians as well.

      3. UN says it ‘mistakenly included’ textbooks promoting jihad war against Israel among books it distributed to students>:> what a joke Lol.

      4. Bunk. President Trump commanded to be built a real border wall and idiots called him racist. Despite the fact that previous governments in Washington made building the Wall a campaign promise and lied and ignored that campaign promise once elected. Same holds true with moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

      5. Countries with border walls. Its so easy to refute your brain dead stupidity.

        India Bangladesh Under construction 3,268
        Pakistan Afghanistan Proposed 2,400
        Ukraine Russia Under construction 2,000
        Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Completed 2001 1,700
        India Burma Under construction 1,624
        China North Korea Under construction 1,416
        Mexico United States Proposed 930
        Saudi Arabia Iraq Completed 2014 900
        Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Completed 1999 870
        Iran Pakistan Under construction 700
        Costa Rica Nicaragua Proposed 650
        Malaysia Thailand Proposed 650
        India Pakistan Completed 2004 550
        Botswana Zimbabwe Completed 2003 500
        United Arab Emirates Oman Under construction 410
        Slovenia Croatia Under construction 400
        Belize Guatemala Proposed 266
        North Korea South Korea Completed 1953 248
        South Africa Zimbabwe Completed 2000s 225
        Uzbekistan Afghanistan Completed 2001 209
        Kuwait Iraq Completed 1991 193
        Hungary Serbia Completed 2015 175
        South Africa Mozambique Completed 1975 120
        Estonia Russia Planned 108
        Saudi Arabia Yemen Completed 2004 75
        Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Completed 2006 45
        Hungary Croatia Completed 2015 41
        China Hong Kong Completed 1960s 32
        Macedonia Greece Completed 2015 30
        Bulgaria Turkey Completed 2014 30
        Brunei Malaysia Completed 2005 20
        Spain (Melilla) Morroco Completed 1998 11
        Spain (Ceuta) Morroco Completed 2001 8

      6. Idiot, a racist attitude includes violent acts of oppression. The KKK lynching black people in the 20th Century serves as an excellent example of racism. By contrast telling Polish jokes, no matter how crude or repulsive hardly qualifies as a racist act. Idiot.

      7. Firstly – I am no idiot.
        Secondly – you obviously do not understand racism. Racism starts with words. It demeans, ridicules and belittles groups of people.
        Have you learnt nothing from what the Nazis did to Jews?? They started with name called and describing them as subhuman. Then they tried to exterminate them.
        You do the same.

      8. Telling a Polish joke does not make a person a racist. Racism – cruel oppressive violence. You throw a silly tempertantrum in public and call yourself wise … fool.

      9. Show you one person?? The majority of the civilised world think they are racist. Here:
        Polonophobia,[1] also referred to as anti-Polonism, (Polish: Antypolonizm),[2] and anti-Polish sentiment are terms for a variety of negative attitudes, prejudices, and actions against Poland, its people and its culture. These include ethnic prejudice against Poles and persons of Polish descent, other forms of discrimination, and state-sponsored mistreatment of Poles and the Polish diaspora.[3]

        This prejudice led to mass killings and genocide or it was used to justify atrocities[4][failed verification] both before and during World War II, most notably by the German Nazis, Ukrainian nationalists and Soviet communist authorities.


        Follow that link. It tells why your jokes are racist.

      10. Definitions of racism:
        prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.
        the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.

        Notice – there is no mention of action! By referring to all Europeans or all Palestinians as subhuman you are racist.
        You become what you vilify.

      11. Yes it is. There are laws against precisely that – and for very good reason. Words incite action.
        We saw that with Trump a short while back.

      12. Words can incite action. But till the action occurs … You have the right to swing your fist … till your fist reaches the tip of my nose.

      13. Nothing civilized about the UK. A society of apes in Africa, much more civilized. You don’t even know how to correctly spell civilized.

      14. Unlike you, its easy to bring an example of how the US Courts respect freedom of speech …. pornography. What line separates porn from art?

      15. Really – I seem to remember something about taking the beam out of your own eye before taking the speck out of someone elses.

      16. Obozo the criminal spy, by contrast, launched a troop surge in Afghanistan in 2009, intervened in Libya in 2011, returned troops to Iraq in 2011, and a committed U.S. military personnel in the civil war in Syria in 2014. Additionally, ISIS was running amuck in the Middle East and the organization had spread its wings into the U.S. with the death of 14 in San Bernadino, CA in 2015.

      17. I think you will find that the USA isn’t in Europe.
        I also think that ignoring the spread of extremism is a recipe for future disaster as well as condemning millions of people to a miserable future.

      18. This post WW2 policeman of the planet crap, proves that the diseased criminal minds of sub human Europeans have defiled Washington for way to long.

      19. Certainly there is a discussion to be had here – if only you could be rational and intelligent instead of abusive.
        There is no moral authority for any country to act as a policeman for the world. That job should fall to a body made up of all nations of the world – the UN. It should use the charter of human rights as the basis for its ‘policing’.
        In a world where all countries and people effect the lives of everyone else nations simply cannot be left to do their own thing – for religious or political extremists to plot and plan destruction, for big business to pollute and destroy with impunity. With the threats of nuclear and biological warfare nutcases like ISIS can wipe us all out. Rogue states like North Korea can start a World War and religious extremists can steal land off other people using a 2500 year-old piece of sci-fi as their justification.

      20. Looney Tunes. One man One Vote. Do not trust foreigners to determine policies or borders of nations to which they have no citizenship.

      21. One planet – one people – we are all citizens of one world. Nations are ancient tribal concepts – outdated and arbitrary. Israel is only 70 years old – a concept out of the minds of men – nothing more. It will not always exist.

      22. Fascism has a definition.
        Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.
        The core principle — what Paxton defined as fascism’s only definition of morality — is to make the nation stronger, more powerful, larger and more successful.
        Hence MAGA and why TRump is a fascist.

      23. Of course it is subject to criticism. The pulling out of troops has been carried out for political reasons and is extremely short-sighted. They left allies such as the Kurds in the shit. They have opened the door for the extremists of the Taliban, El Shabab, Isis, A Qaeda and Iran to extend their influence and retake control. It hasn’t been thought through and creates massive problems further down the road.

      24. They also allow racist groups to wander around with semiautomatic assault weapons. They also have widespread antisemitic hatred. Big deal. We’re more civilised.

      25. Discrimination requires physical actions, not theoretical platitudes. The same applies to antagonism, irritation felt against someone without physical in your face actions, not antagonism. Nothing you say merits anything other than complete contempt.

        Your pie in the sky BS, the Nazis followed up their subhuman declarations with despicable violent crimes, they murdered physically handicapped, gypsies, political opponents as well as Jews. Idiot. Europeans have no moral mandate.

      26. Making up your own definitions to suit yourself is pathetic Moshe.
        The Nazis started with abuse just the same as yours. It escalated to actions. Just like Israel treats the Palestinians.

      27. You do not seem capable of understanding basic things Moshe. We’ve been over and over this. Racism starts with words and attitudes – like the ones you keep expressing.

      28. Slander. If you were a Xtian you’d accuse Israel of killing Balestinian babies and missing this blood of babies to make matza bread for Pass Over – barbarian.

      29. No – I just accuse them of setting up illegal settlements, bulldozing the houses of innocent people and using discrimination and violence.

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