Today’s Walk from Bridlington to Fraisthorpe – photos

We had a nice chilly five-mile walk along the beach from Bridlington to Fraisthorpe today. There was a nice late afternoon wintry light and some wildlife too.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Walk from Bridlington to Fraisthorpe – photos

  1. Well, there’s no shortage of wildlife at my local lake, either. Lots of different coloured pigeons – including a dark green one! Ducks of at least three species. The Canada geese have come back. The white goose and her partner were the first to return. I got another photo of her today; I thought she was about to attack a mallard, but she refrained. There were moorhens and coots, too. Two days ago, I watched a cygnet learning how to hoover up food from the banks of the lake. The swans are doing really well this year. And I even saw the local grebe!

    1. You’ve no idea Neil. The wildlife has been devastated. You’re looking at the tattered remnants of what used to be. See any frogs, toads, newts, slowworms or grass snakes? Did the grasshoppers hop out of your path?

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