The USA a Banana Republic – as Trump tries to incite a coup.

I was watching with amazement as Trump incited an armed mob to attack the Capitol! He was trying to overthrow democracy.

Is this is democracy? A President inciting a mob to storm the Capitol??

He continues to make his false claims of fraud – with no evidence – and then works his mob into a frenzy.

I hope there is justice and the people responsible get dealt with!

This was anarchy and armed insurrection.

It leaves a lot of questions

  1. Trump has been building this up with lies for weeks why wasn’t something done about his lying tweets?
  2. Where were the security forces? Why weren’t they prepared?
  3. Why were so many Republicans, who should know better, supporting Trump’s mad claims?
  4. Have the Republican party lost all sense of morality??
  5. Is America a lawless Banana Republic??

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