Poetry – Communication


Communicate with me

For that is how we grow.

Open your mind

For me to see

And delight

In what we find.

Share your thoughts

And hear mine

And we will nod our heads

As we ponder

Upon the truths

Of what we both have said.

Opher 3.7.2015


There is nothing better than a debate, discussion and argument between friends as we pierce the truth of all we know and hit the limits of our knowledge and deduction.

For only in the sharing, thinking through and weighing up can we hope to grow.

Our minds illuminate the truths that grow inside our heads as our brains are stimulated by the concepts of others. Ideas and thoughts chase each other and, like  snooker balls, they collide and spark new, exciting answers.

Talk is the nourishment of the neurons. It gives birth to new delights.

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