How the World sees us and Boris Johnson.

Just as with the USA our choice of a leader has greatly diminished our standing abroad.

The Office of National Statistics has just announced that 2% of the population is now infected with coronavirus – one in 50 of us, well over a million people. Today, 830 new deaths were announced, and that’s even before people infected over Christmas have reached the Covid wards. Thanks to Boris Johnson, Britain has found a new role on the global stage – as a clown. We are now the world’s leading supplier of pratfalls, lunacy and lethal incompetence.

4 thoughts on “How the World sees us and Boris Johnson.

  1. Oh no you don’t Opher.
    You are not even close to the U.S. in stupidity.

    Don’t think you can just take the stupidity crown away that easily!

    We’ll fight to the death to hold up our end and win!

  2. That’s an interesting stat, 2% of people in the UK currently infected with the virus. The latest ONS published report I could find (dated 24th December, data up to 18th December) said 1.18%; but the daily new case rate has almost doubled since then, so 2% is credible.

    But I think you are a little bit hard on Johnson. Prince Charles is a much softer target; the man who flies in a helicopter to give a lecture about reducing aviation emissions!

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