The NHS is overwhelmed

John Peachey sent me this.

This is a message from one of my wife’s contacts…(backed up this evening’s Ten o’clock news.)
Dear friends….
The reason I posted yesterday on Emily’s comment was that I had to go to hospital yesterday due to my Oxygen Sat levels dropping.  What I saw there was overwhelmingly sad.  They were too busy to see me and I ended up coming home.  Not before I had to wait outside in the freezing cold for 2 hours, already feeling very unwell. 
The doctors and the staff were at a level of stress that I could not explain here but will never forget.  When the doctor finally phoned and said I could come in I told him I had returned home to bed.  He was so upset, almost in tears begging me to go back to Reading and that he was so so sorry that I had to wait outside.  I cried when I heard him so upset. I just kept on saying over and over again, it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault.  Screened off, there were Covid patients lying on the floor and rows of ambulances outside treating patients inside, acting as extra beds.

I am deeply concerned that there are still people who are mixing freely and not taking this illness seriously who have no idea what the NHS is having to deal with.  It is a serious situation, and I can say with first hand experience that the NHS is clearly overwhelmed.  Certainly at the Royal Berks Hospital. 
Stay safe. xxx

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