The Corona Diaries – Day 280

Another sunny, crisp winter day in Yorkshire. Walking up the hill the road was slippery with ice and the grass frozen icicles on frozen mud. The air was clear and blue sky full of infinite wonder. A great day for a walk.

The seagulls were sitting in a row along the roof ridge of the church. One of our pair of Red Kites was perched in the tree at the start of our walk and majestically took to the air as we approached.

Back home I have been listening to the great Bessie Smith and running through the final read-through/edit of my Roy Harper book.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the virus continues to soar! In the USA there are another 152,102 with 1230 deaths. in the UK another 32,340 cases and 347 deaths.

In contrast countries such as Vietnam and New Zealand have no new cases and no deaths! What a contrast.

In the USA Trump continues to play golf while death stalks the country and refuses to sign the bill to give out assistance to fourteen million people. He plays while his people starve and die. A nice guy! Isn’t he supposed to be doing his job? Pathetic.

In the UK our clown basks in the glory of achieving a Brexit agreement with the EU. I think it will be a brief moment of triumph. The nature of the bad deal with soon unravel. The moronic ERG fanatics will see it as capitulation while the reality of the deal will slowly sink in as the unemployment, price rises and extra red tape starts to become apparent.

We’ve wrestled back control into the hands of a bunch of extreme morons. The clowns are running the show!

The new, more virulent, variants are taking over. Man City have suffered a number of cases which has resulted in their league match with Everton being postponed. Are we going to see more of that?

Schools go back next week. Will there be a surge from Christmas? Do we have to have a trade-off to enable the kids to be educated?

I so wish we had a competent PM and government instead of these extreme loonies. They shoved anybody with a scrap of sense out of the party. The ousted have gone very quiet. Are they biding their time? What are the likes of Rory Stewart, Philip Hammond, Michael Heseltine and Kenneth Clarke waiting for? Will they pick their moment to spit roast Johnson and his Eton playboys? We’ll see.

The main debate is the sequence of roll-out of the vaccine. Should it first be given to our courageous front line workers – the health workers, carers, teachers, police and shop workers? Or should it be the most vulnerable? With the new variant seemingly affecting young people more, does that alter the priorities?

I would like to see those front line workers getting protection!

Until next time – stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 280

    1. Lol Neil – surely a twenty degree local warming would be much nicer? Unfortunately we live in a temperate region and the climate change has created wetter winters and drier summers. As you know – weather isn’t climate.

      1. Twenty degrees local warming is OK, but you need to take it everywhere you go!

        The climate you refer to is a Mediterranean climate; I wouldn’t mind that. It’s no accident that many early civilizations (Egypt, Minoans, Greece, Rome) clustered around the Mediterranean. This far north, warmer is better!

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