Poetry – I AM A MAN


I am a man

My maturity breeds perspective

My experience gives me choice

I am a man

 I take responsibility for my actions

There is respect in my voice

I am so strong inside

I know my mind

I am in control

Of the situations I find

I stand firm

I can be aggressive

But violence

Is merely oppressive

I am a man

Not afraid to show compassion

I do not fear to cry

I want the full gamut

Of my emotions

In whatever I try

I am a man

I feel I think

Not with the boot or fist

I’m no missing link

I have strong urges

I have to succeed

I compete

I bleed

I am a man

Opher 5.6.95

I grew up in an age where men were standing up for peace, love, equality and freedom. It was an age of non-violence and forceful opposition. We stood up for what we believed in with passion but not violence.

The fashion changes.

I was dismayed to see the macho male culture flourish with all its posturing and aggression. I was even more dismayed to see it being encouraged by females.

We had an extremely unpleasant incident in our area where a group of young men severely beat up another young man. It was never clear why the attack took place. The incident was filmed on their phones and put up on the web. It was horrendous to see and hear. They punched and kicked him to the ground as an excited crowd egged them on. The girls were shrieking for the lads to kick him and stamp on him. It was disgusting.

I am a man. I do not feel the need to prove that with cruel, vicious brutality. That is not manly. That is primitive behaviour. We should be better than that. We have to be in control.

A real man is not subject to his hormones; he rises above them. He is in control of his mind. To resort to violence is the domain of a mindless thug.

I am a caring man, a twenty first century man, a compassionate man and that makes me all the more.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – I AM A MAN

  1. Yet again, Opher, we’re in basic agreement. Though I would have used the word “tolerance” in place of “respect.”

    I see there was an incident in Driffield two days ago, where a youth beat up a police support officer. I don’t know if that’s the incident you meant; but the local press report I read didn’t say anything about there being a group of young men, or about there being any girls there.

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