Poetry – Humanity


I need to address you – humanity.

For I cannot continue to exist

As a member of your gang –

The universe might hold me to blame!

Humanity – your selfishness and greed

Blinds me

With the arrogance of your viciousness.

Your brilliance shines out to the very stars

Your cruelty and thoughtlessness will not be believed!
You who claim to be civilised

Exploit and disregard with impunity

Without regard to consequence

To other living things

To agony

To your children

Or the future.

Humanity you are merely a show-off!

You have no depth, no soul

You are a natty coat of paint

Over rotten oak.

Humanity – I abhor you!

You enrage me with your authority.

What gives you the right to act so grand?

You are nothing but a fucking junky pimp!

You sell the future

For a short fix.

You are a fool who cannot see the outcome

You are an idiot with an urge for destruction

A child with a thirst for blood

For all your pumped up pomposity

You are a bloated fart in the solar wind.

Humanity – I have seen your bear-pits

Your badger baiting

Tiger shooting

Fox hunting

Your thumb-screws

Have you no shame? Have you no compassion?

I have seen the postcards of your hangings

Photos of your massacres

Paintings of your executions

I have heard your rapings, your plunder and ravishing,

Your wanton destruction

Your genocides

Your detailed plans

Humanity I have wept while you laughed

I have watched you eat and drink to excess

I have seen you throw goodness aside

Oblivious to what is fair

To the starving

To the dying

To the cries

For designer trainers and a third DVD

You deserve it!

I have watched you eaten by war and racism,

Sexism and abuse

There is always an excuse

Always a victim

There will always be the poor

The beaten and defeated.

Humanity – you will always be a winner

Your G7 meet

A smile is a snarl

A handshake a restraint

A handout a loan

You show a lot of interest

Measure results by profit

Worth by similarity

And are only free with judgement

Humanity – I have seen your prisons, your dungeons

Your rubbish dumps, effluent, values

And your revenge.

I have felt your contempt

I have watched you sneer.

You are so big, bright and clever

From the right school

Where your best is great and your worst to be expected.

Humanity – I have decided

What is wrong with you is that you have none!

Opher 22.04.02

I wrote this after reading a few Allen Ginsberg poems. I was not at all happy with the way society was progressing and thought I ought to put something down in words.

I stand for a positive zeitgeist. I think we can build a fair global society, do away with exploitation, poverty and war and produce a world based on freedom, love and equality. That would be something to be proud of and worthy of our intelligence.

The present greed and hatred driven squabble is dire. I wanted to divorce myself from all of its violent selfishness.

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