Trump the Conman – fake news, hoaxes and bullshit coins half a billion dollars!

It was a con all along. He never expected to overturn the election. He knew that the postal votes were genuine. But his fake news has carried the day for him. The contesting of the election was a big hoax – a fraud upon the American people. All those barmy lawsuits with not a shred of evidence. It was a scam to get people to send him money!

So, the irony of it! All the poor people, desperate for hope, send the billionaire Trump money!!! Trump makes half a billion out of it!!

If you wrote it in a novel they’d think you were crazy.

Even now, after the electoral college has voted, after Biden won the college vote convincingly 306 to 232, after Biden won the popular vote by a clear 7 million votes, after every one of Trump’s crazy lawsuits was thrown out, he is still contesting the election.

He is still screaming that the election was stolen and citing mass fraud without a shred of evidence! Yet his supporters believe him and are sending in truckloads of money!!

Are these the same people that send in their life savings to those phony TV evangelists? I reckon so!

Ever feel that you’ve been had?

138 thoughts on “Trump the Conman – fake news, hoaxes and bullshit coins half a billion dollars!

      1. Opher you may not recall that during the Obummer Administration Tubularsock was appointed Secretary Of The Inferior and some issues arose. So for background Tubularsock is providing a little background in case being trapped by Covid has led you to desperation.

        Under the Dump Administration Tubularsock was appointed Secretary Of The Deplorables and from that key position was planning to appoint you to a high position in the White House but because your background check revealed your left wing commie past the committee directed that you be removed from consideration.

        Tubularsock thought you had been informed of that decision so Tubularsock is sorry that you had not been informed. Another government oversight.

        But rest assured Tubularsock went ahead and appointed Steve Bannon, the media executive and political strategist, who did a fair and balanced job.

        Thanks for your almost service.

      1. Tonight Yidden light the first of the Hanukkah lights.  The Gemara of Shabbat teaches the famous dispute between Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel concerning lighting the lights of Hanukkah.  This famous dispute always puzzled me, what difference does it make whether one begins with lighting 8 candles the first night or only one?  What does lighting the lights of Hanukkah have to do with the life and death struggle against Greek cultural domination of the tiny Jewish State?

        The B’hag, a late scholar whose Torah shined the light of Torah during the waning domination of the Gaonim schools.  The Reshonim scholarship, this “candle of light” followed the lights of the Gaonim schools.  The B’hag holds that the rabbinic mitzvot of both Purim and Hanukkah, their light shines as part of the 613 Commandments Israel received from HaShem and Moshe Rabbenu.

        The Rambam denounced the light which the B’hag directed the generations of Israel.  The B’hag links Hanukkah, as does the Talmud to Shabbat.  He held that lighting the lights of Shabbat – this mitzva from the Torah – its light shines on par with the Torah mitzvot of Purim and Hanukkah.  To comprehend the light shone by the Torah of the B’hag, Yidden must discern the common denominator which the Houses of Hillel and Shammai, your shared foundation by which their Torah communicated the k’vanna of the mitzva of Hannukah as expressed through the rabbinic halachic ritual of lighting the lights of Hannukah throughout the generations.

        The Greek empire conquered the Persian empire, which uprooted the Babylonian empire, who destroyed Jerusalem and expelled Yidden from the lands ruled by the king of Yechuda from the House of David.  Greek hostility to the Torah centered not upon the Written Torah but rather the Oral Torah.  This latter Torah light expresses itself through a unique logic format by which Yidden, following the Golden Calf, dedicated the souls of their children, to strictly interpret the language of the Written Torah by employing the Oral Torah logic format alone as the light to see and understand the k’vanna and intent of the Written Constitution of the Jewish State.

        The Greek schools of philosophy taught a completely different logic system.  The logic of Plato and Aristotle overshadow the ancient Greek contribution of knowledge.  Yidden, humiliated from our disgrace of the avoda zarah of the Golden Calf, our forefathers swear a Torah oath, to all generations Yidden sanctify our dedication unto the Torah revelation to interpret the Written Torah through the lights of the Oral Torah alone.

        The lights of Shabbot, the dedication to strive to achieve shalom among family and friends.  The lights of reading the Megillah on Purim, the dedication of tohor, opposed by tuma middot unto HaShem.  The Book of Ester, the only Book of the T’NaCH which lacks the Name of HaShem.  The Name המן and המלך they teach a רמז Gematria of tohor as opposed to tuma middot.  The k’vanna of “kingship” (To make a Torah blessing requires the Name and Kingship), as a king stands as the head of a nation so too the dedication of tohor, as opposed to tuma, middot unto HaShem – middot express the faith unto the revelation of the Torah throughout all and every generation.  The mussar of the Book of Ester teaches middot, expressed through the contrast between  Mordecai and Haman.

        In similar fashion the Gemara of Shabbot, teaches the k’vanna of lighting the lights of Hannukah, expressed through the contrast of opinions expressed by the Houses Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel.  What defines the Oral Torah?  Logic stands upon the יסוד/foundation of Order.  The Order of the Torah logic system in its turn sharply contrasts with the Order of the ancient Greek logic formats which ancient Greek philosophers developed.  A parting observation, Chag Hanukkah occurs during the annual Torah reading of the “light” of Yosef son of Yaacov, and his leadership.
        Quote unQuote.          ” I was shocked at the degree of carelessness in the start of your article. worse you dragged on so lengthy jumping from topic to topic.  Apparently, with poor planning,I provide some “constructive criticism” not to curse you out for sending me “worthless fruitless” religious ideas but constructively.”

        Hi n75tal, Noam

        A basic rule of Jewish Common Law, a master builds through Order.  Meaning learn from prior close president cases – similar to the case which a
        Mishnaic Court once reviewed; expressed between the Nasi/Av Beit Din, and how they argue before the generations of Israel.  The mussar
        part of פרדס requires public analysis and discussion.  A latteral Court requires 2 of the 3 justices, that they serve function of defense and prosecuting
        attorney.  These two opposing judges argue the kvanna of the Case, before the third Judge.

        Common Law stands upon precedents.  The logic of making Case comparisons (jumps) from topic to topic, like a frog hops.  To interject your own negative perception, you introduce, Quote/UnQuote:”Apparently, with poor planning, I provide some ‘constructive criticism’ … sending me ‘worthless fruitless’ religious ideas.”

        Wow.   Do you lack the ability to quote the “error” of my expressed opinion, which you reject. Can not read your mind; first quote from the exact language of the words my hand wrote?  Have repeatedly, and on multiple occasions, publicly stated the concept of ‘Atheist praise G-d’.    Personal beliefs account for nothing, who am I?   What and which mussar, did the Prophets command, that applies to all generations; and most specifically these present day generations?  Oral Torah logic has the original mandate, to serve as the Constitution of the Cohen nation.  Logic stands upon the יסוד\Foundation of Order.  The Order of the Brit Tribal Alliance, Oral Torah middot both דאורייתא ודרבנן — through which forges the Federal Sanhedrin
        Court system of the Cohen Federal Republic of Tribes.

        Middot Logic has nothing to do with religion, nor with Greek philosophy based upon Plato and Aristotle.  Religious paths developed and defined themselves during the early Middle Ages — today this Halachic stone of  Judaism, compares to the cooling of molten lava into crystal stone matrices.  The Xtian dogma of ”Free Will”, extends unto the borders of religious creeds.  The Catholic Popes viewed their Papal Decrees on par in authority with how Torah observant Jews
        view Halachah.  The Halachah follows according to logical jumps, which define a unique style by which a specific Sage interprets the Written Torah based upon the logic of the Oral Torah middot style, which a specific Rav develops as his “sh’itta/style of learning”.  A “sh’itta” qualifies as a consistent path by which a scholar interprets the Written Torah by comparing cases both close & remote: to the current Case heard before the Court.  Can a Torah Wisdom/skill/craftsmanship/ability etc., attempt to build a wall, yet remain ignorant of the nature and types of rocks required to build such a wall?  Free Will as Dogma stands upon the legal Right of Freedom of Religion.  A Constitutional, rather than, a Religious Idea.  Court judicial judgments accomplish order; they prioritize levels of importance.  For example:
        which takes priority Domestic or International Concerns?  A rule of Torah law: Domestic issues take priority over foreign issues.  Resolving domestic conflict supersedes foreign conflicts and diplomatic strife.  The term diplomatic, refers to the dialogue, Jewish “diplomacy”, conducted through Lateral Common Law Courts, allied Governments and their shared interests.

        Quote/UnQuote: “2, although  the dispute is in gmara something is flawed. those are “tana” and if in gmara but not also in mishna then the rabbi, who ever wrote that Mishna, either rejected both opinions choosing not to include preserve it or never heard of it due to the fact that the tana never truly discussed those opinions.”

        Your opening statement in the 2nd paragraph of your critique communicates total confusion.  Gemara comments primarily upon the Mishna.  Two completely different
        sets of Torah scholars spanning many generations.  Comparatively, the difference between Mishna and Gemara — the Victory over the Nazis, contrasted by the Civil Disobedience which challenged the rule of White man over America in the 1950s and 60s.  Lead by both Dr. King and Malcolm X, both men criminally assassinated.  A possible chief suspect – Hoover’s FBI.  Based upon the similarities in the Kennedy public assassinations.

        Jewish logic weighs and compares multiple Case Studies, known to Talmudic common law as – precedents.  The skill to compare different Court Case rulings one to another spanning generations of time — requires a good working history of the types of Cases the Courts has heard throughout the legal Court history throughout the entire span of the Republic.  For example: Did any Court during the period of the Founding Fathers of America view Men, dressing as women, with an approving and favorable eye?  The strength of the precedents determines how the Sages rule on matters of Halacha.  The Halacha, in a dispute between Beit Shammai and Beit Hillel, the Halacha followsafter Hillel.

        Quote/UnQuote: ” your question “what difference” is too vague.” 

        The dispute the Gemara brings of how the two opposing schools taught throughout the Mishna, the opening Gemara debate, as located in tractate Shabbot, defines the mitzva of lighting the Chanukah lights in its utter simplicity.  To restate my previous presentation, Quote/UnQuote: “what difference does it make whether one begins with lighting 8 candles the first night or only one?”  No difference … except the “Order” or “Path” by which you follow to arrive at your destination.  Logic stands upon Order.  Metaphorically speaking, a mathematical order of 3,6,9 contrasts with that of 2,4,6,8.  This basic alkaline and acid comparison, a logical jump, similar to the Latitude vs.Longitude lines placed upon the globe.  In law, how does a student of law learn how to correctly Order and Compare Court Case Rulings?

        Quote UnQuote: “4 i ask you a query too.if you knew that the man “matisyahu/matityahu” that the prayers, in davning, that some yidden frum yidden read, i guess you read,  push him into the story and spotlight, despite not being the oil miracle nor the “end” of the war,  and that man murdered a jew at the start of the story of hanuka as preserved in both josephus and in book Maccabee book one chepter 2 from verse 20-26, would that cause you to CHANGE the prayer? skipping his name and even demanding the rabbis edit their texts, for this and other flaws, not accepting the package called yiddishkeit until THEY the rabbis leaders remove the “bad contents” from the package called “yidddishkeit”?

        The times of the Maccabean revolt reflect chaos experienced through both external War, combined with internal Civil War.  More people died in the American Civil War,
        than did in either the two European world wars/Civil Wars.  No tragedy plagues a nation worse than that of internal Civil Wars.  Recall that both the French and British empires
        collapsed following the 2nd European Civil War.  The political mandate of Torah law & government —  the measure that the Lateral Common Law Sanhedrin courts righteously
        pursue making judicial Court decisions based strictly upon Oral Torah logic alone.

        The Torah concept of “prayer” as you call it, the k’vanna of sanctification of this mitzva דאורייתא/mitzva from the Torah —– the dedication of tohor middot.  These defined tohor
        middot dedicated unto HaShem by means of tefilla/prayer; these exact same tohor middot likewise sanctified unto HaShem through the “measured” comparison of Talmudic
        Case studies by way of legal comparisons.  Internally the most essential and primary functions of Government — to establish the Sanhedrin Federal Court system. 

        You confuse Torah Constitutional Law with Religious halachic ritual observances.  The latter system developed consequent to the Catholic Dogma of “Free Will”; the political concept of freedom of religion.  Halachic Judaism, the Reshonim scholars of the Middle Ages established.  The Catholic Church would never permit Jews, during their reign of terror, to publicly teach and instruct Jews on Constitutional and political Torah debates.  Hence the Reshonim scholars redefined Halacha unto a strictly ritual religious debate.  The prevailing times which existed during the Era of the Reshonim scholars do not exist today.  Therefore the Case Law of today does not easily compare to the Case Law of g’lut Yidden surviving as hated refugee populations, scattered across North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

        Cultural Zionism today stands upon the traditional foundations of both T’NaCH and Talmud. 

        regards and a pleasant and healthy Chag
        mosc kerr

      2. Like anything else its meaning depends upon how much energy you willingly invest upon the subject. I brought it to highlight the difference between how you view justice – never happened in any European Court, with the Torah concept of justice.

      3. Justice is justice just as blue is blue and red is red … NOT. Pathetic subhuman don’t even know how to define the term. Explains the failures of European courts to compensate Jews for all the blood libels, and damages which Goyim animals have inflicted upon stateless Jewish refugee populations throughout the history of the Europeans as a sub human perverted set of humanity.

      4. Rabin made the idiotic error of attempting to make peace with ones’ enemies. We all know the end of that story … that idiot rots in a grave with a bullet, some argue a gun fired by orders of folks within the Israeli government. Something like the speculation around the Kennedy assassinations together with the political murders of Dr. King and Malcolm X.

      5. Peace is always better than war. Idiots that use bullets, bombs and torture are primitives. You have to make peace with your enemies. People are people. Until such time you will always live in fear and hatred.

      6. Bunk. You have no more a working definition of peace than you do for the concept of justice. Your sub human mind defines justice as justice and peace as peace.

      7. Not some historical bs? What utter nonesense. Here’s a clip from a British gentleman of some 70 years of age and his opinion, me personally – truly impresses me.

        If ya only have 10 min. jump to the last 10 minutes and listen to what this gentleman has to say. Ya can’t have justice when Western leaders refer to civilian casualties as “collateral damage”. A fundamental issue of the Western interventions and imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa, Western society dominates, even conquers Arab and Muslim societies. But the stark contrast: Arabs and Muslims to a large degree remain strong in their faith in the Koran whereas Western societies to an ever large percentage of the secular population has abandoned Xtian theology and views it on par with ancient Greek and Roman polytheism and worship of mythical Gods. The question stands: How did the unfaithful conquer and defeat the faithful? HaHaHa its a fundamental question that has no easy answers for the folks, which the West refers simply as “collateral damage”.

      8. You can not achieve justice, when Western leaders refer to civilian ‘colored’ casualties as “collateral damage” in their ‘police actions’ which shape the internal affairs of foreign societies.   A fundamental issue of the Western interventions and imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa, Western society dominates, even conquers Arab and Muslim societies. But the stark contrast: Arabs and Muslims, to a large degree remain strong in their faith in the Koran; whereas Western societies to an ever growing percentage embrace the scientific secular model as their central supporting column of faith. Western civilization has abandoned Xtian theology, due to the evil reputation the church’s evil and corrupt actions have promoted throughout the Ages.  Today, Western societies view the Church on par with ancient Greek and Roman polytheism and worship of mythical Gods. The question stands: How did the unfaithful conquer and defeat the faithful?   A fundamental question that has no easy answers for the folks, which the West refers simply as “collateral damage”. What causes the disaster of internal revolution and Civil War, to rank as the worst natural disaster to any people or civilization throughout history?  When the “ethical containment force” that makes a people separate and unique from all other peoples and societies, when this “social fabric” rips apart and becomes a tattered rag blowing in the winds of war, generally – the first American Civil War excluded – with the collapse of the authority of the Central Government, the consequences follow that foreign governments intervene in the internal operations and government of such a society in a state of Chaos.  Lincoln, his illegal decision to initiate and invade the Confederate States, takes the first American Civil War out of the picture of virtually all other internal revolutions and Civil Wars.  Because Civil War, by general definition, effectively means the collapse of Central Government order and stability.   Even still, without the leadership of Henry Seward as Lincoln’s Secretary of State, the Palmerston government would have most probably recognized the Confederate, ‘States Rights’ revolt against Lincoln’s extreme anti-Jeffersonian ideas of democracy.
        Judge the wrestle by which enemies or allies build strength, dignity, and respect.  In all matters of din’a nefshot – 2 witnesses.  One witness – acceptance or reliance – in all din’a nefshot Court Case (CC), tuma.  Tuma, commonly expressed as l’shon ha’rah or mo’zteh shem rah.
        How does Israel differ from other nations who experience a terrorist attack?

        DUHOK, Iraqi Kurdistan region,— A convoy of KDP Peshmerga militants came under attack by PKK militants when trying to enter PKK areas in the Chamalke district in Duhok province in Iraqi Kurdistan following a roadside bomb that exploded next to the KDP forces. The attack resulted in one death and three injuries, KDP-affiliated Kurdistan24 TV.Head of Culture and Media Culture Department at the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG ) Peshmerga Affairs Ministry Babkir Faqe Ahmed told the KDP official media outlet that the PKK fighters fired from far distance and it was not a direct attack on Peshmerga forces.”The ‘blood libel’, pogroms came after crusades.  German Jewry slaughtered across, perhaps most, kingdoms or fiefhoods in all the Germane lands; same Germane people who conquered Rome – warriors.

        What contrasts/opposes, perhaps mirrored or opposite, criminal violence?  Righteous Court Room rulings judged by the lateral court 3 Judge system.  Prosecution and Defense judges of the Court, these Court Judges comprise the opposing Court system of all Torah understanding.  Two Yatzirot “wrestle” within the hearts of the bnai brit Cohen nation – nations includes all Yidden residing in g’lut.  Justice judges l’shon ha’rah/motze sham rah or tohor middot foundation justice.  Who leads?  Upon these scales all Nations – throughout all generations – Judged. 

        The Cohen Court system judges the domains of the North African Trade Route.  Israel calls to all Sahara nations, help build a deep river to bring powerful Mediterranean Sea unto Sea of Salt.  This action would bless both Israel and Jordan; from river to salt sea convert water into hydrogen and oxygen gases.  Good business plural, comparable to the usage of plastic.  Plastic transports foods easier and cheaper than transport in burlap bags on the backs of camels.  Israel and Egypt could achieve this amazing accomplishment as seen from the Moon.

        Bring water חי to the Sahara dessert.  While building the deep river, remember Mark Twain.  Israel dedicates to train the refugee Balestinians in agriculture farm work.  Revert the two elements back to water by means of rain.  Build a topsoil across the Sahara, plant trees upon all and every hilltop.  Cause a rainforest to dominate the Sahara.  Such a work requires the dedication of multiple generations – no less than three.  No less than 3 generations qualifies as a strong connection alliance.  Shalom requires Trust.  Trust among nations never begins till a ‘good eye’ prevails.

        An act of honor, Israel shall never unilaterally expel the Arab stateless refugees (BR) from any lands of the Republic like did the Europeans, they oppressed Jewish stateless refugees.  Justice means providing a tohor medium which facilitates airing disputes over damages, and both opposing parties accepting the Judicial rulings of all Sanhedrin lateral Common law courts.  Justice has a definition of – determining restitution for damages.  Something similar to ‘insurance’.  All mine or partially mine?  Jerusalem – just for example.  No.  Israel rejects the Nazi model of a divided Berlin.  How many Germans fought and died in Hitler’s War?  Arabs rejected both alternatives, Republic or 2 nations.   Arabs rejected both.  Arabs lost two major wars to throw the Jews into the Sea.

        Honor:  Balestinians declare that their forefathers known as the Bhilistines, from these non Arabs fathered the Balestinian people?  Shaking my head.  Mandate given to Britain by the League of Nations, a body established after WW1, which Britain named ‘Palestine’.  A European name.  During the British mandate, the only folk who called themselves Palestinians, the Jews.  The British mandate, awarded by the newly “minted” League of Nations; something like awarding a medal or fighting belt.  That mandate stands upon the Balfour Agreement.  After receiving the League awarded mandate, almost immediately Churchill imposed the Churchill White Paper, June 3rd 1922.  Shaking my head.  Two points, straight line.  Judge.  Third witness:  23rd of May 1939, Neville Chamberlain and his response to the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine – 2nd White Paper which totally negated the dedication made in the Balfour Declaration.

        Britain abandoned a Balfour Declaration ally.  A sacrificial gift dedicated to the Nazi Gods of War.  Xtian nations broke faith with Xtianity.  In polite society this euphemism has the name of ‘Secularism’.  If a mother has the right to kill a 9 month pre-born baby, then that same mother has the same right to kill that 9 month post-birth baby.   Better for a new born mother to see and reject her child, than to vacuum abort the life of her child, that she will never see.  Responsibility requires accountability.  Accountability builds a reputation.  Post Shoah seals the evil reputation of Europe.  Chamberlain imposed a two state solution upon Czechoslovakia in 1938.  Two points equals a straight line.  Third witness:  Pope Pius XII surrenders the Jews of Rome to the Nazis.

      9. All religion is fictional and corrupt Moshe. It is a contrick by a powerful elite. Nothing more.
        You are right. There is no room for arrogance and racism – yet you display it constantly.

      10. Dude ya got religion on the brain. The Balfour Declaration – nothing to do with religion. Same with both White Papers. Justice has no connection with religion, nor does causing the Sahara dessert to grow. Developing a ‘game preserve’… a North African Trade Route, again nothing to do with religion. Achieving just Courts of Law, again nothing to do with religion.

      11. Well pat you on the head like a good little puppy! Ben-Gurion – total secularist – meaning not religious. Post War Middle East embracing Western ideals. Western ideals in 1948 – not religious.

      12. All coming out of theocracies with value systems and attitudes based on religious doctrine. All tribal with the cloying glue of religion. It permeates everything. Without religion there would be no Israel and no conflict.

      13. Bunk the American and French revolutions, the latter in particular outlawed the catholic church and sought to replace Xtianity with a ‘church of reason’.

      14. According to fundamentalist schools of Islam, at the end of days, the whole land of Israel and Palestine should be under Islamic rule. Prophecies surrounding this issue are deeply rooted in some versions of the Hadith (traditional sayings of the Prophet), although only implied in the Qur’an.

        Historical and Organizational Consequences

        As far back as the 1948 war, some Jewish extremist groups justified their contribution to the conflict as part of a divinely promised return to the holy land of Israel. More recently, however, the most extreme such groups, like the “Gush Emunim Underground” which plotted to bomb the mosques in the Temple Mount area back in the 1980s, have been banned by the Israeli authorities

        On the other side, several religious extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood justified their contribution to the conflict in 1948 as an eschatological event pertinent to the approach of the Day of Judgment. Nowadays, terrorist Brotherhood offshoots like Hamas call for using violence against Israel in the name of Islam, without distinction between civilian and military targets. They continue to use religion to gain supporters in Gaza and elsewhere by propagating this apocalyptic narrative. This Muslim Brotherhood group ideology, stretching through many Arab (and several non-Arab) countries, seeks to revive Islam and re-establish the historical Islamic Caliphate by seizing power. They consider Israel to be a “foreign object” in the continuum of a potential Islamic Caliphate, and they continue to call for the use of violence against it.

        In parallel to this extreme Sunni side, ever since the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, Iran has been the fiercest in opposing Israel. Its radical regime calls openly for the destruction of Israel and asserts the necessity of this quest from a theological standpoint. It finances Hezbollah and Hamas and supplies them with weapons and training, as well as supporting Assad’s forces in Syria, thereby posing a direct security threat to Israel – all allegedly in the name of Islam.

      15. Opher you sound like an ignorant fundamentalist. Nationalism as a source of conflict your totally ignore b/c it does not nicely fit into your skewed belief system about the Middle East.

      16. Quote/UnQuote: Without religion there would be no Israel and no conflict.

        Jerusalem Post: Quote/UnQuote: To many Americans, Jews and Arabs are simply fighting over territory, so the logical answer is to simply divide the land. This has been the strategy for over 100 years. But this approach ignores the fact that this dispute, like so many others in the Middle East, is primarily a war of Islamic religious supremacy.
        The path to peace is not one a cartographer can delineate. We need to understand the ideological reasons why simply dividing the land has received consistently negative Palestinian responses despite offers of 100% of the territory, with land swaps. Until that understanding takes hold in the Western diplomatic mind, negotiations will continue to fail, promises will continue to be broken and violence will continue to follow.
        As Anshel Pfeffer wrote in The Guardian a few years back, “Accepting that the Israel-Palestine conflict is also a bitter religious war runs counter to the international community’s preferred solutions… which is a central reason that none of these solutions have worked.”
        America for decades has refused to recognize the obvious: in the Muslim and Arab world decisions are not based on Western democratic standards.
        There are no secular Arab states. In the Arab world there is no separation of church and state. The last secular Muslim state, Turkey, has become Islamized over the past 14 years.
        A future Palestinian state will have Islam as the dominant aspect of its governing system, despite Western wishful thinking to the contrary.

      17. Facts, here’s a fact for ya: Jerusalem has been attacked fifty-two times, captured and recaptured forty-four times, besieged twenty-three times, and destroyed twice. The city was ruled by the Ancient Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Israelites, the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, Byzantines, the Islamic Caliphates, the Crusaders, the Ottomans, and finally the British, before its division into Israeli and Jordanian sectors from 1948 to 1967.

        No state of Palestine. To your unjust barbarism Balestinians should receive a nation when these same Balestinians never had a country of their own in the past.

      18. Let me guess??? hopping up and down while standing on one foot as if i had to pee really really bad!!!! A 19th Century map: Lions Tigers and Bears Oh My! The sick man of Europe in the 19th Century could not afford to make their own maps, so they bought the maps they used from Europe.

      19. The Israel-Balestine refugee issue: essentially a secular-nationalist conflict over land, injustice and, to a lesser degree, identity. This is demonstrated in the PLO charter. While the document repeatedly mentions the words “Arab,” “Balestinian” and “nationalism,” it does not once refer to religion.

      20. Ya remind me of a hamster running on a circular treadwheel, running fast to get nowhere. The “tribes” as you refer to the Biblical invasion of Canaan – they established a Republic just as the States who formed the USSR Republic and the United States.

  1. By your obtuse logic I should simply approach any and all pretty women and demand that they give me sex. HaHaHaHa blimey that’s brain dead dumb ass stupidity. Yes if a man has an appeal to women, a certain % of women will lie down to the “Do you want to fuck” suggestion. But neither couple merits respect. Respect compares to a good bottle of wine. It takes time to earn a trusted reputation. Building a trust relationship essentially defines the Torah concept of “fear of heaven”. This latter concept learns from the Torah mussar prohibition which forbids eating meat together with milk products. A cheese burger, like a slut whose passions propel her to have orgy sex with strange men whom she does not know personally, has a certain appeal. But Torah mussar, which applies to all generations of the Cohen people, sub humans ignore mussar like dogs shit on toilets. Mixing meat and milk destroys the good name of both the meat and milk combined. Europeans subhumans through their despicable actions of libel violence and murder have removed themselves from being apart of humanity. Their stupidity has permanently destroyed the good name reputation of all Europeans for ever.

    1. Weird logic Moshe. You are right that respect has to be earned – but everybody is worthy of respect and should not be stereotyped or prejudged. There’s no room for racism or prejudice.

      1. Crap. Just bear in mind that the majority of Germans opposed the Nazi regime – and that’s without all the other Europeans who fought that fascist, racist ideology. Stereotyping is stupid and dangerous. There are good and bad in all people. Those leading Israel into fascist, racist policies are in danger of doing exactly what the Nazis did. Ironic. Your attitude towards Palestinians is the same attitude that started the Shoah. It seems you think it’s alright if you are the ones perpetrating it.

      2. A minority of Germans supported Hitler – check your history. Number of voters of the NSDAP went up from 2.6% in May 1928 to 18.3% in September 1930, they peaked in July 1932 at 37.4%, a few months later they went down again to 33.1% in the November 1932 election which was the last true free elections before the Nazis came into power.

      3. Rubbish a – a tiny minority fought – and all who fought had many reasons for fighting. They certainly did not all support Hitler.

      4. Utter ignorance and hog wash. The Balestinians can own land and farm. Europeans made it illegal for Jews to farm for over 1000 years and criminally banished Jews into racist ghetto prisons – the crime of being Jewish – for some 3 centuries.

      5. Boring – two wrongs do not make a right. Dumping people on to inferior land and robbing them of their own land is not right and cannot be justified. The fact that Jews were treated horribly does not justify you doing the same to others. Move on. Become better than your persecutors – not worse.

      6. Bunk the Balestinians claim themselves falsely as a nation in exile. None sense, no Balestinian state ever. Consider this clip I really like Stephen Lendman.

        This debate addresses Obama’s war in Syria. Its a Russian program so the head commentator does not permit any anti-Russian opinion expressed. Speaking over a person, truly disgusting. Stephen Lendman, a retired American, who opposed the Obozo Administration. The RT commentator talking over Sharif Nabashebe directly compares to the apple and oranges talk over you do when ever points which invalidate the Balestinians. You like the RT commentator have your bone to chew and do not ever validate an opposing position.

        Balestinians not till 1964, 16 years after the 1948 Israeli war of Independence, did they embrace the name of Palestine. A word originated by Europeans: specifically by Greek and Roman invaders. Arabs of the Middle East cannot even pronounce the foreign word: specifically Arabs can not pronounce the letter P.

      7. Noise. The last years of the mandate period, the UN offered 2 propositions to both Arabs and Jews, your ignorance of history not withstanding, the Arabs rejected both propositions.

  2. The Stephen Lendman blog

    According to him the US created virtually all the Syrian terrorists, starting with Isis. Lendman causes the regime change war in Syria “Obama’s Phony War”, as a continuation of Bush’s Administration. The Balestinians a phony nation that never existed. Displaced Balestinians does not come at the expense of the Jewish state. You want a Balestinian State then divide up England and split London into 2 Capitals of one nation and the other non nation.

      1. When? What year did Israel “steal land”? Remind you that the Ottoman Turks — not Arabs — ruled the land for over 4 centuries. LOL talk about brain washed!

      2. Arabs as a people … clearly you refer to the post Muhammad Arabic invasions of the 9th Century. These Arab invasion which started in present day Saudi Arabia captured and conquered lands previously invaded and conquered by the Western Roman Empire, and succeeded by the Eastern Byzantine Empire. Fact sure to screw up a fuzzy brain washed mind.

      3. The British barbarian sub-humans defeated and conquered the Ottoman empire in 1917 and surrendered their, so quaint, League of Nations mandate (that Mandate outlived the League of Nations) to the UN in 1948.

      4. In 1948, and with every illegal settlement, land was stolen from people who have lived there for centuries. Reparation is required.

      5. Numerous UN resolutions and prevailing international opinion hold that Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are a violation of international law, including UN Security Council resolutions in 1979, 1980, and 2016. …

  3. Lendman talk about the phony Democrats who ran in the Democratic candidates against Trump. He refers to the Sham impeachment of Trump.

    This stunt to impeach Trump compares to the sham that the Balestinians exist as a nation in exile. No such nation ever existed in all of human history. Yet you argue the sham argument that Israel should be divided as a country … that Jerusalem should be divided like Berlin was divided.

  4. The Kurds and the oppression they endure – that’s a real discussion about the need for justice and political Independence. The Balestinians – utter hogwash propaganda.

  5. Saddam gassed the Kurds with mustard and nerve gas. Israel has never even remotely done a similar war crime to the Balestinian refugees. The 1st war in Lebanon when Begin serve as PM, Lebanese slaughtered Balestinians in their refugee camps and reactionaries like yourself blamed Sharon. What a pathetic joke.

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