Poetry – Forever


Soon I will waltz with forever

Through the tides of the cosmic sea

My vibrations – echoes of ripples

Lapping throughout finity

My atoms will dance in your body

My dreams will inhabit your mind

My atoms will dance on forever

Influencing all space and time

I am but a flea throwing elephants

A worm pushing mountains aside

But my atoms will join with your atoms

Six billion fleas can maybe decide

Not to fling a few elephants skywards

To move a few mountains about

But to join and all pull together

To listen and not merely shout.

Soon I will waltz with forever

And I will just cease to be

My vibrations becoming mere echoes

Rippling a cosmic sea.

I’d like to think they will make things better

Resonate a positive force

But the universe’s big

And time is quite long

It’ll take all of us to alter our course.

I am not a flea but a microbe

With lofty ambitions for sure

But I grapple with mountains and elephants

And you’re welcome to enter my door

To the universe I’m symbiotic

Please give up your pathogenic ways

Resonate in time

Join your ripples with mine

Build Tsunami’s sublime

Let’s relax into more caring days

When I dance that long waltz with forever

I’ll be smiling as we swirl around

Cos I’ve fought every day for the future

So that all things can breathe and expound.

Opher  26.3.00

After death I will be no more. My consciousness will dissipate with the electricity in my synapses. The universe will shut down. My body will be left to medical science (my mother set a precedent), there will be a service of remembrance and later my remains (after the students have finished mucking about with it) will be burnt. Most of my molecules will be let loose into the air and my ashes put back in the soil.

I shall not miss the universe because there will be nothing of me to miss anything.

I will remain in the people that knew me and have been affected by me. My ripples touch people and change them. It may be little it may be big. I am sure there will be a few tears. But more importantly is that my life will have had an influence, however small, on all those around me. I help unleash the zeitgeist.

I want to make my ripples into tsunamis.

My aim in life is simple – to enjoy it, see and do as much as possible, create what I can, experience the gamut and live it to the full, and leave it better than when I came in. I want a better world for my grandchildren.

I want them to be able to marvel at gorillas in the jungles and whales in the seas. I want them free to think, as free as me.

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