Poetry – Dreaming


There’s a sense of history in futility

There’s a human touch we can see

Mistakes litter every victory

As madmen chase their destiny

Forward is the universal cry

Destroy the unclean

They are not as worthy as you and I

Jihad the obscene

There’s a sense of majesty in madness

A human touch with no room for life

Mistakes litter every desert

As madmen order butchery and strife

Forward is the motion

We are worthy is the cry

More room for our development

What use are trees to you and I?

Opher 26.3.00

Modern society is a quasi-religious battle with nature. Society proceeds as if in a dream. No outcome is imagined for the actions of today.

With cries of religious fervour, seeking eternity in paradise, we surge forward to butcher and destroy.

With cries of avarice we surge forward to seek paradise on earth through wealth and power.

The blood flows green and red. The soil is stained then covered with concrete.

More is the cry from behind.

Forward. Destroy.

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