Poetry – Distraction


A fuck   A film

A smoke   a joke

A smash  some hash

A pill  a thrill

Is all it takes to distract you

To stop you from having to think

And life goes by

Outside your window

As you pour another drink

A grab  A deal

A leer  A feel

A Crash   A Bash

A Breath   A Death

Is all it takes to fill your mind

Like a tennis ball in a vacuum flask

Bouncing in your head

Disturbing nothing

So you don’t have to ask.

15.7.96  Opher

It would appear to me that there are pressing issues that we should all become involved with.

A small number of people are setting a tone, guiding us down a path of growth and profit. This is devastating the planet.

Politics is not pointless. We are not impotent. We can make a difference.

This poem was written in response to the shallowness I saw around me – the distraction that prevented people from engaging with anything that had depth and meaning.

TV and fun can be worthwhile and expanding; they can also create airheads.

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