All space is full

Of rays and beams and clotted dreams

That seems

To have no substance

All life is full

Of toys and Queens and twisted seams

That deems

To have importance

And drifting through the interludes

We climb our ragged stairwells

All alone

Waving to the passers-by

We wend our weary way

On our own

Communicating from afar

Through treacle

To another star

Until I met you

OPHER  5.2.98

Nothing does not exist.

At least not in our universe. Space is choc-a-bloc full of seething energy – gamma, light, UV, gravity, magnetism, and the odd atom or two.

If you took a jar of nothing and checked it out; it is full.

Our lives are full of dreams and hopes. We long to share.

Finding a soul-mate to love fills up the spaces and means you can communicate your soul.

I'd like to hear from you...

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