Poetry – Peace Love and Happiness

Peace Love and Happiness

What this world needs now is a big dollop of love

Spread like honey over toast

A cuddle and a hug with the warmth of a cosy bath

That stretches from coast to coast

A welcoming smile and a helping hand

To show we all do really care

The gentleness of touch of a passing breeze

To show we’re always there

What this world needs is peace and harmony

To melt away the greed

A shared drink and meal with tinkling laugh

To show we are agreed

For love can thaw the hardest heart

If we put aside our hate

If we join together with respect and pride

We can surely improve our fate

Peace love and happiness

Is that too much to ask?

I’ll join with you if you’ll join with me

Together there’s a task.

It’s a job that is worth doing

To improve our sad old world

Peace love and happiness

Is worth much more than gold

Opher 17.1.15

There is not a problem between people – if we put religion and politics aside. There is a problem with poverty, greed, nationalism, selfishness, arrogance, intolerance, tribalism, unfairness, poverty, injustice, violence, hatred, inequality, oppression, exploitation, ignorance ……………. and all the other things that powerful sociopaths use in order to divide and rule.

Those who seek power and wealth exploit our passions and divert them to their own ends.

It is time we recognised the psychopaths and sociopaths for who they are and stopped voting them in, listening to them and following them. We like out leaders strong and black and white. Unfortunately that plays right into the hands of fascists, tyrants and cynical manipulators who hide behind a cloak of religion or politics.

The world is full of big issues.

There is nothing that we cannot address and solve. We do not have to run on greed, hatred, intolerance and war. There is a better way!

This is a poem about that positive zeitgeist. We can change the world:

First one person believes it – then two – and before you know it you have a positive zeitgeist movement!

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