Trump – a view

This obnoxious playboy is the epitome of opportunism. He used to pretend to be a Democrat but then decided that he could find his niche with the most extreme right-wing. He had no views himself but he cultivated the evangelists and white supremacists, the Tea Party and neo-Nazis.  He promised them what they wanted. He didn’t care. He wanted to form a base.

All that was in his head was money.

That’s all he worships.

Once in power he loved the power. It was better than the wealth.

He had no scruples, no compunctions. He would do anything. There were no protocols or diplomacy. They did not exist in Trump’s book. He did not mind who he upset or what the fallout was.

He rubbish science and experts, undermined the media, and set himself up as the only source of truth.

He created a conspiracy of the Deep State and promoted himself as the only hope for draining the swamp.

He was enjoying himself.

He tweeted lies and his base loved it.

There were alien lizards running the world with a cabal of politicians and Hollywood stars. Trump was fighting them (presumably on the golf course).

He pissed off allies and sucked up to tyrants and his base loved it.

He took sides, interfered in elections, disrupted and poked his nose in without a clue as to the delicate complexities of situations.

He U-turned and lived in chaos, firing anyone who disagreed.

His philosophy was his own intuition. Science, experts, facts or evidence were of no importance. He ignored science, defunded science and refuted all evidence. There was no global warming. There was no diversity problem.

He removed environmental laws because they inhibited profit. Who cared about pollution, health or safety? All that mattered was money.

He promoted conspiracy theories, labelled peaceful demonstration as violent leftism and said the virus was a hoax.

Thank heavens we are rid of him!!

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