Poetry – America.



What is wrong with you?

Have you gone completely mad?

You’re living on snake-oil

From a sleazy old conman.


What are your cops up to?

Is there an open season on black men?

Do they shoot before they think?

Or is it just open racism?


Why are you running on fear?

You seem afraid of every shadow;

Of immigrants and Muslims.

Locking yourself in prisons.


What is it with all this violence?

These armed militia on the streets?

Those with assault rifles in hand?

Do you think you’re all John Wayne?


What is this fear of fairness?

Has McCarthy brainwashed you?

Are there still reds under every bed?

Do you hate the ones you elect?


Why are you so divided?

So driven by hatred?

Who is stoking these fires?

You’re pulling yourself apart.


You need some education.

Opher – 1.11.2020

There is something horrible going on in America. One man’s liberty is another man’s bully.

Fairness and equality seem to have become equated with weakness, UnAmerican socialism, and socialism is equated with communism and communism equates with the tyranny of totalitarianism as seen in Cambodia, China and Russia.

So America you allow the strong to take it all and exploit everyone. Some live in obscene luxury while others sleep under bridges.

America you are the richest country in the world yet you have such extreme poverty and deprivation.

You despise paying taxes so your schools and health care is rubbish, your infrastructure is crumbling and you breed billionaires.

I think you’ve gone mad.

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