Poetry – Make life fair

Make life fair

They say that life ain’t fair,

That white hates black,

It’s tribal warfare.

But that’s not the full story.

Invisible people pull strings

For their own glory.

Seeking to confuse

To sow division

With offers we can’t refuse.

What they hate is equality.

They prefer to be elite

And nurture that reality.

Opher – 28.10.2020

The elite live in their penthouses plotting how to increase their wealth and power. They like us confused and divided. They fear us becoming unified. The last thing they want is a fair world. That would be the end of their elitist way of life.

They buy politicians. They dictate policy through bribery and threats. They control.

They own the media and control the spin.

They like racism and sexism. It is good to have us at each other’s throats.

They like war.

They like riots.

They put Trump into office. They will put Biden in.

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